The Big Patch™ hits servers one day before the free to play launch of Battlerite Royale, on February 18th at 9:00 AM CET. Downtime is scheduled to last up to 2 hours. Both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale will be offline during this time.

There are lots of large changes coming to Battlerite Royale with this patch. You can read up on the thought process behind these changes in our Dev Update.

Battle Season 1

Unlock unique rewards every Battle Season with the new Battle Pass feature! Battle Pass progress is shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale, giving players the freedom to progress their Pass however they choose.

With the introduction of the Battle Pass come the Battle Seasons, starting with Battle Season 1. We’re restarting the season counter to make it clear when the Battle Pass and its related changes was introduced and that the Season is shared between both games.

The Battle Pass

Progress your Battle Pass by leveling your Tier level, with each Tier level having new rewards to potentially unlock. Advancing to the next Tier level requires 10 Battle Stars, which can be earned by leveling up your Season Level, completing Daily Quests, or completing Season Quests.

The Free Pass

Everyone has access to the Free Battle Pass, which gives rewards at Tier levels 2, 5, 7, 11, 13, 16, 19, 23, 27, 31, and 36. These rewards include:

  • 6x Silver Chests
  • 2x Avatars
  • 2x Rare Weapons
  • 1x Rare Poses

The Premium Pass

Upgrade your Battle Pass to the Premium Pass to unlock rewards at every Tier level. Pre-purchase the Premium Pass here or purchase it in-game for 950 Diamonds.

Players also have the option to upgrade to the Premium Pass and purchase an additional 15 Tiers for 2500 Diamonds in game (unless already pre-purchased).

Premium Pass owners can unlock all the Free Pass rewards, as well as potentially:

  • 1x Legendary Mount
  • 2x Legendary Outfits
  • 2x Legendary Weapons
  • 1x Epic Mount
  • 9x Epic Pets, including variations (27 total)
  • 2x Epic Poses
  • 2x Epic Emotes, including variations (4 total)
  • 3x Epic Weapons
  • 1x Rare Mount
  • 6x 100 Gems or Diamonds (players can choose which currency)
  • 5x 10% Season XP Boosts (Season XP Boosts stack additively)
  • 8x Avatars
  • 1x Legendary Chest
  • 2x Dragon Chests
  • 1x Arctic Chest
  • 1x Creepy Chest
  • 1x Ancient Chest
  • 1x Gold Chest
Purchasing Tiers

Players who upgrade to the Premium Pass can purchase Tiers directly for:

  • 1  Tier for 150 Diamonds
  • 5 Tiers + 1 Extra for 750 Diamonds
  • 10 Tiers + 4 Extra for 1,500 Diamonds

Tiers purchased after the max Tier of 50 will be converted into Season XP. All Battle Star progress is kept and applied to your new Tier level.

Season Level

The Season Level is a new type of Account Level that resets every Season. Gain 2 Battle Stars every time you level up, and 5 Battle Stars every 5th level. Once a player has reached a max Tier level of 50, any Battle Stars earned will be converted into Season XP, which increases a player’s Season Level. Season Level history will be shown in the profile from Battle Season 2 onward.

Account Level

Account Levels are still around! Account Levels now represent your total accumulated level from previous and current Seasons in both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. No legacy Account Levels have been lost. Account Level is displayed in the profile, above your current Season Level, and in the Friends List.N

New Season Quests

Every Battle Season now brings new quests that unlock each week for ten weeks! Season Quests are not shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale and can only be progressed in their respective game client. However, both will contribute to the same Battle Pass progress. Season quests can only be progressed in Casual and League. There are Free and Premium Quests – Free Quests can be progressed by all players, but Premium Quests require upgrading the Battle Pass to progress. Season quests can only be progressed in the ranked or unranked Battlerite Royale queue. In Battlerite Royale there are:

  • 2 Free Quests per week
  • 1 Premium Quest per week
  • Total of 30 Quests per Season
  • 4 Battle Stars rewarded per completed Free Quest
  • 8 Battle Stars rewarded per completed Premium Quest
Daily Quests

Daily Quests have been reworked and are now shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale. Each completed Daily Quest rewards 150 Battle Coins and 3 Battle Stars. Daily Quests can be progressed in Vs AI in addition to the Unranked and Ranked Battlerite Royale queue. Don’t forget that Daily Quests still progress signed Sponsors!

Additionally, some old Daily Quests have been removed and new ones added. The new Daily Quest pool consists of the following quests:

  • Play 6 Matches
  • Play 4 Matches as a Ranged Champion
  • Play 4 Matches as a Melee Champion
  • Strike a Killing Blow in 2 different matches
  • Deal 5000 Damage
  • Heal or Absorb 2000 Damage
  • Deal 300 Damage with Ultimate Abilities
  • Play a Match in a Party
  • Collect 1000 Season XP
  • Gather 2000 energy
  • Hit 5 projectiles in a row in 4 matches
  • Hit 5 melee attacks in a row in 4 matches


Sponsors are still around with the introduction of the Battle Pass, and can still be progressed by completing Daily Quests. They are now shared between Battlerite and Battlerite Royale.

Champions that are rewarded through sponsors are now unlocked in both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale, though Champions no longer provide token compensation when the Champion is already owned.

There are five sponsors for Battle Season 1. Three Sponsors return from previous seasons and two new Sponsors join them. The Stewards of the Arena are available for all players to progress and will unlock Raigon and a unique Raigon weapon and outfit. The Halls of Triumph sponsor is only available for players who have upgraded to the Premium Battle Pass and contains a unique pose, outfit, and weapon for Jumong.

If you are still signed with a sponsor from Season 5 you will still be able to complete it. All sponsors from previous seasons will be marked with a star.


Due to the change to Season Levels and introduction of the Battle Pass, Boosts have much more value than previously. For this reason, Boosts now grant a 50% Season XP bonus instead of 100% Account Level XP bonus. Boosts will still grant 100% Champion XP and double the Battle Coins earned from matches as previously. You can purchase XP Boosts in your profile.

10% Season XP Boosts can be earned by progressing through the Premium Battle Pass and stack additively.

General Updates

  • Fixed an issue where party members did not complete achievements like “Get a Penta Kill” when a teammate completed the achievement.
  • To be considered for leaderboard placement, you or your team must have at least 20 games played.
  • Improved NEW Tag – you can now more clearly see which items were newly unlocked and clear all tags with the click of a button
  • See your Season XP progress and any related Battle Stars gained right after the match in the new in-game reward screen
  • Season End Dates changed to a timer format
  • Top Bar adjusted to display Season Level
  • Main menu navigation bar now has a blur behind it to improve legibility
  • Fixed a bug where the Daily Quest timer would sometimes display a highly inaccurate time until refresh

In-Game Lobby

The lobby now shows your team members, including their equipped Outfit, Weapon, Pose, and Pet!


The number of emote slots has increased from 4 to 6. The UI will also now show which slot an Emote is equipped to with an icon indicator, and now shows the HUD Emote icon for easier recognition.

Gameplay Updates

  • 4th Consumable slot is now properly locked during Lobby phase
  • Inventory now locked when skydiving – items can no longer be dropped while diving
  • Portal should no longer teleport players into the Death Vortex
  • Abilities that upgrade when gaining a Legendary version of themselves no longer resets the cooldown on the ability (ex: Sirius Crescent Gale, Raigon Retribution, Freya Thunderclap, and more)
  • Mount-Up bar priority increased above haste, snares and roots
  • Champion-specific abilities that check for whether the target has a certain buff or not only check for your own buff now. The list of affected champions is as follows: Alysia, Ashka, Oldur, Varesh, Iva, Croak, Ruh Kaan, Freya, Jumong, Lucie.
Anti-Teaming Countermeasure

An anti-teaming countermeasure has been added into the game. Don’t do it anymore.

Allied Inventory

We’ve added a quick way to allow you to see the content of your ally’s inventory using the same key to bring up your map (Default binds Tab / M). This new feature allows you to see the Abilities, Consumables, Equipment, and Gold that your ally has and the respective rarity levels of all those items.

Equipment and Consumables
  • New Rare Consumable – Butcher’s Hook
    • Have no fear when an enemy runs away, you can just ask them kindly to “get over here!”
  • Sheep Medallion
    • Now has VFX when equipped

Map Updates

Several locations on Talon Island have received reworks or updates.


Since Anvilfall is such a big, central part of the map, it’s important that the area is appealing and fun to be in. We’ve moved around some things, and it’s now a bit more asymmetrical than before. The mansion has been moved onto the western hill and now only has a single escape route, but also contains much more loot. Most of the houses have been expanded so that there’s more room to fight within them, and they’ve been rearranged so that, in the outdoors, there are some aspects similar to Arenas in Battlerite.


Oakenheim has mostly followed suit from the Anvilfall reworks while also addressing issues with the awkward movement through the village. The village now has a more defined center and a slightly different architectural style that further differentiates it from Anvilfall.

Abandoned Mines and Greyheart Pass

These areas had such a similar feel to each other that we decided to remove Grayheart Pass and expand the Abandoned Mines, making one larger mining town. It’s now much more narrow with winding corridors, giving it a different feel than either Grayheart Pass or old Abandoned Mines had.

The Crumbling Keep

The Crumbling Keep has been too imbalanced when it comes to the value of jumping over walls. A couple of long walls have been broken up to allow for faster movement by running. The loot distribution has been updated, with loot now more evenly spread out. Players now have a higher chance to find higher quality loot in the main chamber.

Temple Ruins

The central chamber of temple ruins has been exanded a bit and now yields slightly better loot.

New Area – the Frozen Plateau

Located between Smuggler’s Rock and the Abandoned mines in the cold northwest lies the icy Frozen Plateau. It’s an area covered in ice and snow, where plenty of loot lies waiting for adventurers brave enough to defy the harsh climate. Its frozen lake, icicles, and snow mounds where some winter items may be found makes battle and looting a fun, unique experience! Do not forget your mittens!

New Area – Trader’s Isle

Traders Isle is the main hub for commerce and trading on Talon Island. Located southeast of Oakenheim, it was known for its flourishing marketplace and giant warehouse containing tons of valuable trade goods from all over the world. Local merchants would travel here to sell their goods and hopefully not get in trouble with the many guards, trade moguls, and ruffians that kept a close eye on the dynamics of the trade. Champions dropping here will most likely get rich or die trying!

New Map Objects

New interactable map objects have been scattered across Talon Island. Among them are:

  • Dynamite Crates – Keep your Ashkas far away
  • Target Dummies – For all your training montage needs
  • Fresh Fish – They’re probably good for you
  • Mushrooms – They’re probably good for you too
  • Cursed Urns – They’re probably not that good for you

And more! You’ll have to explore Talon Island to find them all!

New Champion – Oldur, The Time Mender

  • Sands of Time (M1)
    • Projectile attack that deals 12 damage and inflicts Time Bomb
    • Legendary Bonus: Time Bomb can be stacked up to 4 times
  • Chrono Bolt (M2)
    • Launch a projectile that deals 20 damage. Consumes Time Bomb to deal its damage instantly and toss the enemy up into the air for 1.6s
    • Legendary Bonus: Chrono Bolt heals you for 4 health for each stack of Time Bomb consumed
  • Shifting Sands (Space)
    • Turn into sand and travel to target location
    • Legendary Bonus: Shifting Sands leaves behind a Chronoflux that reflects enemy projectiles and slows enemy movement through it for 2s
  • Time Bender (Q)
    • Negate projectile and melee attacks in front of you. Knock enemy melee attackers back and capture the first negated projectile within your hourglass. Recast this to launch the captured projectile.
    • Legendary Bonus: When you capture a projectile with Time Bender, your movement speed is increased by 30% while the projectile is stored
  • Quicksand (E)
    • Throw an hourglass to target location, exploding to deal 18 damage and create an aura of quicksand that slows enemies over 3.5s
    • Legendary Bonus: Quicksand can be recast to throw Lesser Quicksand
  • Temporal Strike (R)
    • Warp forward and strike enemies in front, dealing 16 damage and inflicting a Fading Snare and Time Bomb
    • Legendary Bonus: Temporal Strike spawns a shockwave that hits all enemies in a line in front of you
  • Borrowed Time (F)
    • Increases movement speed by 65% and attack rate of Sands of Time by 30% for 3.5s. When the effect ends, teleport all nearby players back to the location where Borrowed Time was activated, inflicting Stun for 1s to nearby enemies. Recast to end the effect early.
  • Time Bomb (Debuff):
    • Detonates after 5s, dealing 3 damage. Can be applied up to 3 times on the same target.

New Champion – Taya, The Wind of the West

  • Razor Boomerang (M1)
    • Throw a piercing boomerang that deals 14 damage and returns upon reaching maximum distance
    • Legendary Bonus: During Haste, Razor Boomerang inflicts Fading Snare for 0.4s
  • X-Strike (M2)
    • Thrown two boomerangs in an arc. Each boomerang deals 10 damage and inflicts stun for 0.5s on the way out. Deals 12 bonus damage if both boomerangs hit at the intersection
    • Legendary Bonus: During Haste, X-Stirke can be used while moving at 60% movement speed.
  • Haste (Space)
    • Gain Haste and remove movement impairing effects. During Haste, Razor Boomerang deals 3 bonus damage and can be used while moving.
    • Legendary Bonus: Haste can be recast to perform an immaterial Wind Dash.
  • Zephyr (Q)
    • Dash forward and perform a spinning melee attack that deals 14 damage to nearby enemies and knocks them away.
    • Legendary Bonus: Zephyr inflicts Stun for 1s to enemies knocked into walls
  • Wind Bomb (E)
    • Throw a wind bomb to target location. The impact pulls nearby enemies to the center and inflicts a Fading Snare for 1.4s
    • Legendary Bonus: Wind Bomb spawns a vortex that pulls enemies towards its center for 2s
  • Tornado Trap (R)
    • Summon a trap that flings the first enemy that steps on it high into the air for 2s. Deals 12 damage upon landing.
    • Legendary Bonus: Reduces cast time of Tornado Trap by 50%
  • Companion Call (F)
    • Your companion rushes to you from target location, dealing 24 damage to enemies in its path. When it reaches you, you mount and gain a 32 health shield for up to 4s. While shielded, you can’t be dismounted and you can cast Razor Boomerangs that deal 3 bonus damage.

New Champion – Pearl, The Ocean Sage

  • Volatile Water (M1)
    • Launch a projectile that deals 14 damage
    • Legendary Bonus: Firing Volatile Water through a Bubble Barrier increases damage by 3 and range by 25%
  • Aqua Pulse (M2)
    • Launch a projectile that deals 26 damage and inflicts Fading Snare for 1s. Firing through a Bubble Barrier increases damage by 5 and range by 25%
    • Legendary Bonus: Aqua Pulse inflicts silence for 0.8s
  • Dive (Space)
    • Dive into a pool of water and travel to target location. Diving into a Bubble Barrier destroys the bubble and resets the cooldown of Dive.
    • Legendary Bonus: Dive resets the cooldown of Aqua Pulse.
  • Tidal Wave (Q)
    • Counter the next melee or projectile attack. When you counter an attack, knock nearby enemies back and send out piercing waves that block projectiles, deal 8 damage, and inflict Root for 0.7s
    • Legendary Bonus: Countering an attack with Tidal Wave grants a 50% Fading Snare for 2s
  • Bubble Barrier (E)
    • Spawn a Bubble Barrier at target location that knocks players back and lasts up to 3s. The bubble slows enemy projectiles and enemies inside it.
    • Legendary Bonus: Bubble Barrier spawns a tasty fish that allies can pick up. When picked up, it heals for 12 health and increases damage output by 20% for 4s
  • Ocean Sphere (R)
    • Launch a slow-moving sphere towards target location that heals nearby allies for 28 health over the duration. Hitting the Ocean Sphere with Volatile Water or Aqua Pulse will cause an explosion, dealing the fired projectile’s effect to all nearby enemies along with 10 bonus damage
    • Legendary Bonus: Ocean Sphere increases movement speed for allies healed by 33% for 1s
  • Jaws (F)
    • Summon Jaws from the depths to devour enemies at target location. Devoured enemies are removed from battle until Jaws spews them out after a 3.3s delay, dealing 20 damage. Can be recast to choose a landing site.

Champion Updates


  • Ice Block (Q)
    • Shield increased from 26 to 30
    • Healing increased from 16 to 20
    • Healing now scales more with rarity
  • Flash Freeze (E)
    • Impact delayreduced from 0.9s to 0.8s

  • Flamestrike (Q)
    • Impact delay reduced from 1.1s to 1s

  • Sludge Spit (R)
    • Now has improved VFX

  • Storm Mace (M2)
    • Incapacitate scaling now displayed
  • Spring (Space)
    • Legendary Bonus has received updated VFX

  • Shadow Dance (Q)
    • Phantom Cut no longer improperly shows stacking count
    • Damage now scales more with rarity
    • Tooltip now indicates damage scaling amount
  • Hook Shot (E)
    • Tooltip no longer mistakenly indicates damage scaling
  • Deadly Blow (R)
    • Damage now scales more with rarity
    • Healing now scales more with rarity

Jumong trades some direct combat strength for a greater ability to ambush his prey. The role of Rain of Arrows and Bear Trap in his kit are more strongly defined. He can setup Bear Traps around where he suspects his enemies will wander. With a revamped Seeker’s Mark, Jumong is able to temporarily track his quarry even when they escape his sight. This new design takes advantage of Royale’s vast open world and turns it into a new hunting ground for this trophy collector.

  • Black Arrow (Space)
    • Dash range reduced from 5 to 4.5
  • Rain of Arrows (Q)
    • No longer applies Seeker’s Mark on the first tick
    • Now applies Seeker’s Mark on each tick to enemies in the area that don’t already have Seeker’s Mark
    • Seeker’s Mark duration increased from 3s to 6s
  • Bear Trap (E) – Reworked
    • Now sets down an invisible trap at target location. When trap is triggered, it deals 8 damage and inflicts Root and Seeker’s Mark on nearby enemies.
    • Trap becomes invisible and ready to activate after a 0.5s activation delay
    • When Trap is triggered, it has a 0.5s impact delay
    • Seeker’s Mark duration increased from 3s to 9s for Bear Trap
    • Cast time increased from 0.25s to 0.5s
    • Trap duration increased from 8s to 30s
    • Cooldown increaed from 8s to 18s
  • Prowl (R)
    • Seeker’s Mark duration increased from 3s to 6s
  • Seeker’s Mark (Debuff)
    • Now allows you to track the target even when they’re out of line-of-sight
    • Healing reduced from 8 to 4 when consumed
    • Now grants 4 bonus damage when consumed

  • Boulder Toss (E)
    • Impact delay reduced from 0.9s to 0.8s

  • Sanctuary (R)
    • Tooltip fixed to include “s” after duration

  • Grand Conjuration (M2)
    • Fixed a typo in the Legendary Bonus text

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