Battlerite Royale Patch 1.1.1 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, May 22nd at 8:00 UTC. Downtime is scheduled to last one hour.

Trolobian Nights

New Map Object – Magic Lamp

Mysterious new Magic Lamps have appeared all over Talon Island. Make a wish and interact with it to gain a buff!

The Magic Lamp can now be found for the remainder of Battle Season 2.

New Cosmetics

What’s a magic lamp without a genie? The following outfits have been permanently added to the game and can now be purchased for Diamonds or Tokens or found in Chests:

  • Epic Trolobe Spear Dancer Shifu Outfit
  • Epic Serpent Sage Pearl Outfit
  • Epic Trolobian Impaler Shifu Weapon
  • Epic Staff of the Golden Serpent Pearl Weapon
  • Three new Magic Carpet Mounts

New Premium Cosmetics

New Premium cosmetics have been added to the game for Varesh:

  • Legendary Azure Djinn Outfit
    • Purchasable for 950 Diamonds
  • Epic Azure Katar Weapon
    • Purchasable for 250 Diamonds

Up until June 12th you will be able to purchase these cosmetics together in the Azure Djinn Bundle for 300 Diamonds.

Champion Updates

Ruh Kaan

  • Various Victory Poses now have sound effects

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