Hello, PlayStation Vampires!

The first PlayStation hotfix is here!

We aim to patch V Rising shortly. The patching process should take around 2 hours, and the game will update automatically the next time you restart the game. We highly recommend restarting the game if you get an update notification to ensure you get the latest version.

This hotfix brings the following fixes and updates:


  • Added support for loading a specific auto-save using the “Load Game” option. This allows players to load previous saves in case the latest auto-save becomes corrupt. However, this won’t recover lost saved data or progress from auto-saving issues.
  • The “Leave Game” button in the system menu now displays “Save & Exit” if you are the game’s host. This is to clarify that the game always saves when you leave it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the auto-save functionality could stop working if an auto-save triggered simultaneously as players were browsing the Options Menu and/or were changing a setting in the Options Menu.
  • Fixed a crash issue related to opening item storage under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the latency sorting did not work properly in the server list.


Support email for PlayStation players: playstationsupport@playvrising.com

Happy hunting!


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