Accurate depiction of last night at Stunlock Studios. From left to right: Programmers Prog, Phalanx, Kae, Smurf, KHCT, and Marketing Director Brorsan. Drawn by our artist, Bobo.

Dear Players,

As you’ve seen and experienced, we had an incident with our servers stemming from power outages at two separate locations. This started what was described as a “spiderweb” of problems that caused long wait times for loading, matchmaking, and receiving rewards and experience.

During this time we communicated that rewards and experience were being recorded and that players would eventually receive them. Unfortunately there was a span of time in which rewards and experience were unintentionally lost for a large number of players.

The server and rewards issues are now resolved but we will be keeping a close eye on how things develop and will address any problems that arise as quickly as possible

As both a thank you and apology for this difficult yet amazing start of Battlerite going Free to Play, we’re giving all players who have logged in since the Free to Play launch the following:

Three-Day Booster

There were users who activated Boosters just as servers were going down. This will extend the length of your current Booster or make up for the one you may have lost. Experience earned during this time was also lost, and this will help you catch up to where you should be.

1,000 Battle Coins

The Battle Coins earned during this time from playing games and completing quests may have been lost. Hopefully this will cover the bill.

Something Extra

As a memorial to these first few days, we give you: the QA Avatar.

And 3 Silver Chests!

Expect to receive these within the next 24 hours.

This has been a roller coaster of a launch – we’ve broken our previous record for concurrent players, we’ve seen that number plummet as servers went down, and we’ve seen it rise up again thanks to the support and understanding from you, our community.

This was not in any way how we pictured the Free to Play launch going, but we hope to turn this into a warmer memory for our players. Thank you again for your support, and see you in the Arena!

/The Stunlock Team

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