As the Battlerekt tournament series nears the finish lines, the power rankings in both regions are solidifying more and more. In Europe new contenders are popping up constantly, but Intolerant stays a constant at the top of the leaderboard. A team to give Legendary a real run for their money in North America has still not been found, despite valiant efforts by everyone.

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Marking the halfway point of the Battlerekt: Proving Grounds festivities, Week 5 was highly anticipated due to the top notch gameplay Week 4 produced. The Battlerite community was waiting with baited breath to see whether Deadly Insplosion could come even closer to dethroning Onslaught and if Daebak had what it takes to pick off Intolerant.

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Last week could very well have been the best week of Battlerekt action,  with the European division settling in more and more in terms of power rankings, while their North American brothers took their most serious attempt at overthrowing the kings yet.

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Another week, another set of stories across Europe and North America. While the NA region continues to create rivalries within their stable Top 4 teams, Europe further marches ahead with their unpredictable nature at the top of the scene. In three weeks a total of seven different teams have reached the Top 4, illustrating how wide open that division is.

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The second week of the Battlerekt: The Proving Grounds series had a lot of excitement in store for the viewers. Not only was top level Battlerite gameplay displayed again but the week had a lot of upsets, especially the European division, with the reigning champs and runner-ups being eliminated early and Enter the Arena veterans returned to the Top 4.

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The first week of Battlerekt is in the books across North America and Europe and with plenty of names known to the scene taking the top spots once again. In North America it was Onslaught with another flawless performance, while Intolerant took over the European region.

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Here at Stunlock Studios we are excited to kick off Season 3 together with Twitch for our next stop in the competitive scene, brought to you by NGE.

We’re happy to announce the return of BattleRekt with BattleRekt: The Proving Grounds, a weekly series lasting for 10 consecutive weeks that showcases the best of the best that Battlerite has to offer. Players can compete for their share of the $20,000 total prizepool starting from May 3rd.
You can sign up for any of these 10 weekly BattleRekt tournaments, TODAY! The tournaments  feature both North American and European regions in 3v3 single elimination format.

Join the Qualifiers

Each tournament is divided into two parts. Day one is the open bracket, where players fight it out until only eight teams remain. Day two will decide which of those eight teams will be taking home that number one spot.
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here!

Start time

BattleRekt: The Proving Grounds begins on May 3rd at 7.00 PM CEST for EU and 5:00 PM PST for NA.

Watch the live broadcast

If you’re not already following NGE at Twitch make sure to do so to stay up to date!
Day two will will be streamed live, exclusively on Twitch at each week.

As Season 2 in Battlerite soon falls upon us, so does our first Official Tournament!

Stunlock Studios and Twitch are proud to announce the ‘Enter the Arena’ Battlerite tournament presented by Beyond the Summit later this month. This kicks off the competitive scene for Battlerite in 2017 with a mix of invited teams and open qualifiers for a showdown of the best-of-the-best in both Europe and North America on two consecutive action-packed days, with a prize pool of $10,000.



We at Stunlock Studios  are excited to kick off Season 2 with a bang together with the awesome people over at Beyond the Summit and Twitch. In just a week the open qualifiers begin, where both European and North American players can earn their place to duke it out with pre-invited teams in the two-day tournament finals presented by Beyond the Summit from their studio in the L.A.

If you’re tuning in to Battlerite for the first time you’ll get the gist of it in a heartbeat, with similarities to fighting games, and World of Warcraft arena. It’s a fast-paced, visually dynamic brawlfest with an emphasis on skill and precision, favoring ‘WASD’ character movement and skillshots over ‘click-to-move’ and targeted abilities. As a first encounter with Battlerite for many viewers, we’re hoping to not only offer an entertaining broadcast, but to also introduce the game’s intricacies to fresh audiences, newer players as well as esports fans. We’re looking forward to the full free-to-play release and a series of competitive events this year.

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