Battlerite Arena Patch 2.1.1 is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, May 22nd, at 8:00 UTC. Downtime is scheduled to last up to one hour.

Trolobian Nights

New Map – The Great Market

A brand-new arena is here for you to prove yourself in! Travel to the distant, southern lands of Trolobe and fight in the Great Market during the day and night – featuring large building, wide passages, centrally located shards, and plenty of fruit to smash!

New Cosmetics

What’s a desert land without a genie? The following outfits have been permanently added to the game and can now be purchased for Gems or Tokens or found in Chests:

  • Epic Trolobe Spear Dancer Shifu Outfit
  • Epic Serpent Sage Pearl Outfit
  • Epic Trolobian Impaler Shifu Weapon
  • Epic Staff of the Golden Serpent Pearl Weapon
  • Three new Magic Carpet Mounts

New Premium Cosmetics

New Premium cosmetics have been added to the game for Varesh:

  • Legendary Azure Djinn Outfit
    • Purchasable for 950 Gems
  • Epic Azure Katar Weapon
    • Purchasable for 250 Gems

Up until June 12th you will be able to purchase these cosmetics together in the Azure Djinn Bundle for 300 Gems.

General Updates

Private Match Settings

You’ve asked for this feature! We’re giving a lot more options to let you adjust your private match experience.

There are now a set of additional Private Match Lobby options for you to customize:

  • Armory enabled/disabled
  • Soul Orb enabled/disabled
  • Death Vortex enabled/disabled
  • Cooldown Reduction %


To make it easier to use Disabling Shot on the Junker minion during the tutorial, we’ve opted to enable the health and cast bars permanently on this minion type.

  • Junker minion now has health bar and cast bar always displayed

Gameplay Updates

Wait Time Changes

Waiting times have been reduced between each round to improve match flow. Less waiting, more action!

  • Time between rounds from 30s to 20s

League Draft Lobby

  • Reduced draft picking times from 30s/20s/10s to 20s/15s/10s

AI Improvements

Sirius and Ruh Kaan didn’t like to attack the center orb when their charged weapon was ready. This fix addresses that problem.

  • Sirius and Ruh Kaan bots can now properly use their charged melee attack against the center orb.

Champion Updates


  • All Toxin Muck (M2) rites now use the proper Toxin Muck icon
Ruh Kaan

  • Various Victory Poses now have sound effects

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