The submission period for Concept Art Contest 2019 has come to a close, and the entries are lookin’ seriously stellar!

We received SO many submissions (with over 250 unique concepts!!) and were absolutely blown away by the entries! It’s clear that a lot of hard work and thought went into these concepts, so we wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that participated. You guys are incredible!

This week, we took on the arduous task of finding our Top 8 Finalists in a sea of amazing entries. This elite bunch of concept art will be moving on to the community choice phase, where you guys will be able to decide on the skin that will make it into the actual game! Once you’ve browsed through all Top 8 Concepts below, please head HERE to cast your ratings for each skin.

Once the polling period ends on March 27 at 23:59 CET, points will be tallied up to decide on the placement order of the 8 Finalists and prizes will be distributed accordingly. The concept art that receives the most points will be crafted into an in-game skin that will be free for everyone!

To see the list of prizes along with a small FAQ for any questions you may have, please check out the first contest posting.

And so… without further ado, here are the Top 8 Finalists!

Top 8 Finalists

Apocalyptic Destiny by Quawfledyffix

Bandit Queen Taya by jericho_rus

Corrupted Treant Ruh Kaan by Milva

Lord of the Flies Pestilus by BolodeBolo

Marvelous Musician Zander by Anduin-Wrynn

Officer Rook by sayman

Possessed Armor Varesh by dethnero

Jet Set Rebel Taya by Skullpuppy

Honorable Mentions

Even though these entries didn’t make it into the Top 8, they are each outstanding in their own way and deserve a round of applause as well!

Demon Blossom by reflexia

Dawnbringer Freya by D_Lord

Ashtiki by SoulManatee

Golden Storm Alysia by FrostedOracle

Gorgon Slayer Jumong by Rinny_prinny

Iva the Old Hut by Ogi-kun

Lunar Set Sirius by DaviddLeon

Plague Spreader Lucie by GaddTheThief

Rune Warrior Shifu by joshuachaoschool

Storm God Shifu by Foenyx

Viking Varesh by pedroprema

As you can see, the competition was fierce this time around and choosing our Top 8 was only made more difficult by the outstanding quality of all the entries. If your concept wasn’t selected, please don’t worry! We will continue to have more art contests in the future with loads more prizes and chances for you incredible artists to show off your stuff!

Thank you once again to all participants, and don’t forget to cast your votes!


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