Open up Pro League Chests and get your hands on exclusive BPL-themed items!

Purchase these Chests via Twitch Commerce, obtain them by predicting Battlerite Pro League matches on a platform to be launched later this week, or earn them by competing in Rising Stars!

Contains 3 random drops. Guarantees 1 non-duplicate Epic or Legendary Pro League item. Owning all items results in duplicate items.

Purchasing via Twitch Commerce

Players must link their Battlerite and Twitch Accounts in order to receive items purchased through Twitch Commerce. To do this, players must:

  • Open “Options” within Battlerite
  • Navigate to “Account”
  • Select “Link Twitch Account”
  • Follow instructions on opened web page

Gems, Bundles, and Pro League Chests can be purchased through Twitch Commerce beneath the stream of any Partnered or Affiliated Streamer playing Battlerite or by navigating to the Battlerite Game Details page on Twitch.

Purchases over $5.00 will also reward an additional Twitch Crate that can contain Battlerite emotes, a Battlerite badge, bits, in-game items such as the Stormy Cloud Mount, and more.

Predicting Matches at

Sign in with your Steam account to and take part in BPL Match Predictions!

Feeling confident in your powers of preditcting who’ll take it all home? By predicting Battlerite Pro League matches you can at the same time get your hand on some sweet loot.

Competing in Tournaments

Take part in Rising Stars to earn Pro League Chests, sign up here to take part in the two-day tournament, with a chance of competing in the next season of BPL! The first Rising Stars will take place on May 5th for Europe and South America, and on May 6th for North America.

For players whose region does not have a Rising Stars league, we will be working with local tournament organizers to make sure that you have the opportunity to take part in tournaments that reward Pro League Chests.

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