We’ve rolled out a hotfix to Battlerite addressing the following issues. Another Hotfix is planned for both Battlerite and Battlerite Royale on Thursday, February 21st.

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass tier up popup was not triggering correctly
  • Localization for certain languages updated

Gameplay Updates

We’re continuing to give players a chance to explore content in the new patch and keeping a close eye on both statistics and player feedback. This hotfix is not meant to address gameplay feedback, and we’ll be releasing additional gameplay changes on Thursday.


We’ve decided to revert Jolting Amulet to its base Inspiration. With systemic energy issues on Ultimates on a few of our champions due to Jolting Amulet, this change fixes those problems and allows Jolting Amulet to retain some functionality without outright removing it. Inspiration is weaker in almost all circumstances than the current Jolting Amulet, and we’ll be looking for a better design for Jolting Amulet at a later point.

Jolting Amulet

  • 25% energy refund when using Ultimate removed
  • Now increases your maximum cap of energy from 100 to 125

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