Fresh outfit: Same action-packed games!


Today marks an exciting chapter in our journey – the unveiling of Stunlock Studios’ new logo and rejuvenated brand identity.

All you seasoned fans might be familiar with our old look since the debut of our Zombie-MOBA (ZOMBA), Dead Island: Epidemic, in 2014. After successfully releasing games like Battlerite, Battlerite Royale, and V Rising, we sensed the electric flow of change in the air. Eight action-packed years have zoomed by, and it’s high time our brand evolves with the top-notch games we whip up.

The timing couldn’t be better as we gear up for the grand launch of V Rising and seek new paths to connect with players in 2024. Our mission remains to establish Stunlock Studios as a significant player in the global game development arena. More importantly, it’s about creating games we’re passionate about and that you’ll love to play. Our branding is a vibrant reflection of our identity, an embodiment of the experiences we create as a studio and the craftsmanship behind it. It’s the heartbeat of our communication, resonating the essence of who we are in every pixel. Introducing our new branding and website signals a big step towards a thrilling and more stunlocked future.

While we’ve added a dash of modern spice to our new brand, we hold our legacy dear and made sure to bake in some flavors from our cherished old logo. It’s less of a revolution and more of an evolution, much like our approach to game development.

Now, join us for a first look at the renewed face of Stunlock Studios!


New Logo: 

New Website:


Social Media:



Press Kit:


Get the Stunlock Press Kit here!




Some fun mock-up ideas from our co-worker Petra, which are always popular around the office! These are not representative of final products, but we’re looking into ideas of Merch not only for us to rock but also for you to get your hands on if you want to rep your favorite studio.




Thank You All!

Big shoutout to everyone who’s been with us on this journey! We haven’t forgotten why you’ve helped make us into who we are today. We promise to keep the games coming, always sprinkled with a pinch of that signature Stunlock magic.



See you in-game!


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