Legends of Quna

Ancient stories come to life during Legends of Quna, where heroes (and villains) of myth return to the Arena with fireworks and festival! We are scheduled to Patch tomorrow, February 13th, at 8:00 UTC with a scheduled downtime of three hours. Follow us on social media to stay updated on progress.  Watch the Legends of Quna Trailer here!

During Legends of Quna you can earn Lunar Chests by leveling up your account or purchasing them directly in the shop for 400 Battle Coins. These Chests guarantee at least one Rare drop and one random Lunar New Year Item. If you want a guaranteed Epic or Legendary Lunar New Year Item, the Dragon Chest can be purchased with Gems. Individually they cost 250 Gems, but you can purchase five for 1,250 Gems and get one additional Dragon Chest for free, or you can purchase twenty Dragon chests for 5,000 Gems and get seven additional Dragon Chests for free!

Earn a Dragon Chest in game by winning 10 Casual, League, or Duel Matches! Epic Mounts are waiting to be claimed during Legends of Quna, with the quests to claim them becoming available during specific times of the event. Make sure to claim all three mounts before the quest expires!

Enjoy the start of Legends of Quna with a Double Account XP event! From February 13 to 16, earn double the usual Account XP when you play a game in Casual, League, or Duel. This event will stack with any boosters you currently have active or will activate. Get your hands on twice the Lunar Chests you normally would in this short event!

General Updates

As we know the community is asking for more information about the coming Season Patch, we will be compiling a Dev Update that will be released within the next week and a half that will give more detail on things also coming with the March Season Patch, including Leaderboards and the Pre-Game Lobby for League. 

Lotus Jade
  • Lotus Jade, the winner of the Jade Concept Art Contest, is now obtainable in game! Get your hands on this Legendary Outfit by Following us on Steam – you’ll also receive one Gold Chest, Three Silver Chests, and the Ashka Train Avatar. If you are currently following us on Steam, this outfit will appear in your inventory.
  • For consistency, Champion level progress bars now show the next level value instead of the current level
  • Fixed an issue where profile information would sometimes take a very long time to load
  • Fixed a bug where the Strict Matchmaking setting wasn’t saved correctly between sessions
  • Fixed an issue with displaying long usernames in the friend requests screen
  • Fixed a bug where Champions would be invisible after reconnecting to a game
  • Fixed a bug where the “Go to Chest” Chest notifications wouldn’t trigger correctly
  • Mounts have new sound effects when mounting up and sprinting

Champion Updates

Many champions are receiving improvements to their rite options to strengthen the identity and purpose of certain rites and as part of a larger plan to increase strategic options across the board.


While the previous buffs enhanced Alysia’s viability, her winrate across all skill levels has still been lacking. With new improvements to her Arctic Wind, Alysia will have an easier time escaping melee pressure. Additionally, minor increases to both her Chill and Freeze will increase her unique setup tools and strengthen her niche in various team compositions.

  • Arctic Wind (Space)
    • Now inflicts a 2s Chill when taking off
  • Flash Freeze (E)
    • Damage increased from 15 to 18
  • Ice Crown (R)
    • Ally M1 healing projectiles will no longer register Ice Crown as a healable target
  • Chill
    • Max Slow Factor increased from 20% to 25%
  • Freeze
    • Duration increased from 3s to 3.3s
  • Frost Nova (Reworked)
    • Arctic Wind now inflicts a 1s Root
  • Snowstorm
    • Total damage reduced from 15 to 12 (reduced from 3×5 to 2×6)
  • Vandalism
    • No longer consumes Frost Bolt for the effect

Bakko lost some of the more powerful and guaranteed damage setups he had in our last update as we moved Wall Slam into his core and adjusted its numbers. We’re bringing back some of that power to his rites, along with strengthening tools he uses in neutral game.

  • Can now cancel Bulwark (Q) channeling by casting Shield Dash (E)
  • War Shout (R)
    • Duration increased from 2.5s to 3s
  • Howling Axes
    • Cooldown reduction increased from 1s to 1.5s
  • Adrenaline Rush
    • Damage bonus increased from 8 to 9
  • Shield Bash
    • Recast time reduced from 2.2s to 1.8s, damage increased from 4 to 6
  • Adrenaline Slam
    • Damage bonus increased from 8 to 9

  • Can now cancel Gust (R) channeling by casting Dance of the Dryads (F)
  • Forest Sanctuary (EX Q)
    • Now ignores Global Cooldown (like Tree of Life)

Croak’s Camouflage combo rites (Frog Strike, Frog Slice) were interesting in theory, but proved too costly to use over more consistent options. Croak receives several new rites to give him safer ways to engage the enemy team when they are playing defensively. Croak’s stealth has been tweaked to have reduced duration, requiring improved timing to maximize value out of stealth rather than just threatening enemies for a long period of time. To compensate, the new Slippery Skin and Time to Strike rites offer additional power to those who seek to use Camouflage offensively.

  • Camouflage (Q)
    • Duration reduced from 3.5s to 3s
  • Deceit (EX Q)
    • Hitting the Blade Flurry attack after Deceit has faded will now no longer apply camouflage
  • Frog Strike
    • Removed
  • Precision Leap
    • Removed
  • Venom Strike
    • Damage reduced from 10 to 8
  • Slippery Skin (New Survival Rite)
    • Reduces damage taken by 30% for 2.5s when Camouflage ends
  • Time to Strike (New Mobility Rite)
    • Increases Fading Haste factor of Camouflage from 30% to 45% and haste duration from 1.5s to 2s
    • EX Compatible
  • Frog Slice (Reworked)
    • Increases Noxious Lunge range by 30% and it deals 4 bonus damage

Destiny’s Pinball is a fun, exciting ability when you line up the angle just right. However, it could feel awful to be hit after 2 or 3 bounces for the full 40 damage. Pinball now uses a different formula for damage reduction, reducing its power after many wallhits while retaining its playmaker potential when ricocheting from a wall. We’ve also distributed around some of the power in her rites.

  • Magnetic Orb (Space)
    • Damage reduced from 16 to 14
  • Pinball (F)
    • Damage is now reduced for each target and wall hit. Deals 40/32/24/16/8. Damage is not reduced beyond 8.
  • Power Attachment
    • Bonus damage reduced from 2-6 to 1-5
  • Blast Processing
    • Bonus damage reduced from 8 to 6, radius bonus reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Globe Trotter
    • Bonus movement speed reduced from 30% to 20%
  • Violent Revolution
    • Bonus damage reduced from 6 to 4
  • Plasma Infusion
    • Tooltip corrected to state +30% range, increased shield value from 6 to 8
  • Dispatch
    • Increased max range of the leap by ~15% and the radius of the impact by ~10%

  • Arcane Barrier (Q)
    • Now ignores global cooldown and post cast
  • Disruption
    • Silence duration reduced from 0.4-0.8s to 0.3-0.6s
  • Collapse
    • Damage increased from 2-8 to 4-8
  • Arcane Barrage (Reworked)
    • Now called Feedback: no longer grants healing, instead damage per charge consumed has been increased from 4 to 8
  • Spell Eater
    • Healing per charge increased from 4 to 6
    • EX Compatible, heals 6 health per charge gained while Arcane Ward is destroyed
  • Grimoire of Death
    • Pull factor reduced from 40% to 25%

  • Electric Shield (Q)
    • Now ignores global cooldown
  • Thunder Clap (E)
    • Now ignores global cooldown

Rain of Arrows was nearly impossible to dodge between Jumong’s recast, the short delay time, and the large area with the Arrow Storm rite. The delay is now slightly increased, and the area bonus from Arrow Storm has been reduced to give additional counterplay. Trapper also sees an adjustment to tone down Jumong’s powerful zoning a bit more.

  • Rain of Arrows (Q)
    • Increased impact delay from 0.6s to 0.7s
  • Rejuvenating Shot (reworked)
    • Is now called Prey Drive: Steady Shot heals you for 8 health and an additional 8 bonus health when consuming Seeker’s Mark
    • EX Compatible, the last hit of Seeker’s Arrow will grant 8 healing
  • Viper
    • Fading Haste factor increased from 50% to 60%
  • Arrow Storm
    • Radius increase reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Crippling Hail
    • Total snare factor increased from 35% to 40%
  • Disabling Trap
    • Damage dealt decreased and healing factor increased from 40% to 50%
  • Trapper
    • Second trap duration reduced from 5s to 3s
  • Deadeye
    • Damage increased from 0-15 to 5-15

  • Deadly Injection (EX M1)
    • Fixed so the Deadly Injection explosion effect is played properly when Deadly Injection is reapplied

  • Time Bender (Q)
    • Now ignores global cooldown

  • Infest (Space)
    • Fixed an issue where players could be infested by walking into Pestilus for up to 0.2s after the dash ended
  • Disperse (Re-added and Reworked)
    • Releasing an Infested enemy inflicts a 20% Snare for 2.5s and pushes it back in the opposite direction

  • Wrath of the Tiger (F)
    • Now ignores global cooldown and post cast

  • Crushing Blow (M2)
    • Now ignores global cooldown
  • Berserk (Q)
    • Now ignores global cooldown and post cast
Ruh Kaan

  • Consume (Q)
    • Now ignores global cooldown
  • Nether Void (R)
    • Now ignores global cooldown

Taya’s rite offerings were previously lackluster, with many situational rites and few rites overall. We are putting some wind behind her back with the new Throwing Technique and Turbulence battlerites so she can have new angles of attack.

  • Surprise Attack
    • Movement speed factor reduced from 60% to 55%
  • Throwing Technique (New Utility Rite)
    • Increases X-Strike maximum range by 15%
  • Gale
    • Moved from Wind Strike (Q) to Haste (Space)
  • Turbulence (New Offense Rite)
    • Hitting an enemy with Wind Strike increases the damage dealt by the next Razor Boomerang by 4 for 3s.

  • Burrow (Space)
    • Stun duration reduced from 0.5s to 0.25s
  • Impaling Roots
    • Delay increased from 0.2s to 0.4s
  • Regrowth
    • Damage reduction reduced from 10% to 7%, max stacks increased from 2 to 3
  • Whiplash
    • Damage increased from 9 to 12
  • Creeping Roots
    • Duration increased from 1.25s to 1.9s
    • Healing increased from 8 to 12
    • Damage dealt by the projectile increased from 4 to 6

While the changes to Varesh’s silence chains are healthy for the game overall, Varesh is in a worse spot balance-wise especially at lower levels of play. Varesh receives buffs to a wide range of his rites, that are focusing more on a Corruption oriented playstyle rather than Judgement.

  • Inhibitor’s Guard (Space)
    • Now ignores global cooldown and post cast
  • Fervor
    • Haste factor increased from 8% to 10%
  • Zeal
    • Healing amount increased from 8 to 12
    • Fading Snare duration increased from 1s to 1.5s
    • Re-categorized from Support to Control.
  • Celerity
    • Recategorized from Support to Mixed
  • Return
    • Recast duration increased from 1.5s to 2s
  • Fracture
    • Now also increases Shatter damage by 2
  • Law Bender
    • Cooldown reduction increased from 1.5s to 2s
  • Synergy
    • Recategorized from Support to Mixed

While we think that players will adjust to Zander’s enigmatic playstyle more over time, we’ve made a handful of quality of life improvements to give him a hand.

  • Rabbit Form (R)
    • Now applies Hearts to self
  • Arcane Conductor
    • Recategorized from Mixed to Offense
  • Phantasmagoria
    • Duration bonus increased from 1s to 2s, re-categorized from Mixed to Utility
  • Stacked Deck
    • Recategorized from Utility to Mixed
  • Showdown
    • Shield Value increased from 12 to 14
  • Poof
    • Illusion damage increased from 12 to 15
    • Illusion stun duration increased from 0.5s to 0.75s
  • Around the World
    • Now also increases max cast range by 20%, re-categorized from Mobility to Utility
  • Transformation Sickness
    • Snare factor increased from 15% to 20%
  • Lasting Form (Reworked)
    • Now increases Sheep form duration by 0.3s, and further increases it by 0.7s if the target is inflicted with Arcane Catalyst
    • No longer consumes Arcane Catalyst
  • Arcane Shenanigans
    • Fixed an issue where Grand Conjurations cast by Zander’s ultimate would not bounce

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