V Rising is coming to PlayStation®5 on June 11, 2024!


Be among the first to ever conquer Vardoran on the PlayStation®5 early this June, and sink your fangs into the ultimate Vampire experience from the comfort of your couch! 

Rise from your grave, withered from centuries of dormant slumber. You are a Vampire, clawing your way back into a world that has forgotten to fear your kind. Embrace your evil nature, hunt for blood, and become a decadent predator of the night! Construct a mighty castle worthy of your legacy, and RISE!




  • Engage in visceral Action-RPG combat.
  • Survival crafting gameplay: build your castle and forge your arsenal!
  • Hunt for blood and slip between the shadows, or risk getting burned by the sun!
  • A dark fantasy world filled with terrifying creatures from man to beast and beyond.
  • Slay 50+ powerful bosses to absorb their knowledge and power!
  • Choose your style of play! 11 weapon types and 50+ spells!
  • Dress to kill! Swap your armor appearance and choose from a wide variety of color options.
  • Face the ultimate Vampire Rival and slay Dracula himself to claim your place!

V Rising: Standard Edition


You can pre-order V Rising to have it as soon as it becomes available on the PlayStation Store for 39.99 EUR/USD, with an additional -10% off if you have a subscription to PlayStation®Plus!



V Rising: Castlevania Edition


In partnership with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI) and Stunlock Studios, the bespoke cross-over between V Rising and Castlevania is also coming to the PlayStation®5! If you take advantage of the Pre-Order Bundle of the V Rising Castlevania Edition for 59.99 EUR/USD with an additional -10% off if you have a subscription to PlayStation®Plus, you will receive not only the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack with all of the delicious Castlevania cosmetics included, but also a 5-DAY EARLY ACCESS to begin playing JUNE 6!



V Rising: Complete Edition


If you fully want to flex your Vampiric style and eternally elegant taste, we also have the V Rising Complete Edition to slake your thirst! At 99.99 EUR/USD with an additional -10% off if you have a subscription to PlayStation®Plus, the V Rising Complete Edition contains all cosmetic packs currently available in the game, which includes the Eldest Bloodlines Pack, the Dracula’s Relics Pack, the Sinister Evolution Pack, and the Legacy of Castlevania Pack all in one complete package that also includes the 5-DAY EARLY ACCESS to V Rising on the PlayStation®5 on JUNE 6!




Pre-Order V Rising on the PS5® NOW!




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Lots of love and a pint of blood,



/The Stunlock Studios Marketing Team

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