V Rising is out now on PlayStation®5!


The ultimate Vampire experience has risen from its crypt and onto the PlayStation®5! Play V Rising from the comfort of your own couch for the very first time with the twin-stick Survival Action RPG that already has more than 4 million Vampires feeding their unquenchable lust for blood.

Rise from your grave, hunt for blood, and ascend from the lowest of forgotten creatures to become the ultimate nocturnal predator. Become the terror of the night, raise your castle, enthrall human servants, and slay your way across the dark fantasy world of Vardoran. The journey to greatness begins today on the PlayStation®5, so get your claws on a controller and get to rising!

  • Immersive, hands-on Action-RPG combat with the DualSense gamepad.
  • Survival crafting gameplay: construct your castle and arm yourself.
  • Hunt for blood and navigate shadows to avoid the deadly sunlight.
  • Explore a dark fantasy world filled with fearsome creatures and dangerous foes.
  • Conquer over 50 powerful bosses to gain their abilities and rise in power.
  • Customize your gameplay with 11 weapon types and 50+ spells.
  • Style your vampire with a variety of armor appearances and color options.
  • Confront and defeat Dracula to rule the night.

V Rising is available on the PlayStation®5 for 39.99 EUR/USD!


Want to ride in style? Don’t forget about our collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI) to bring the immaculate flavor of Castlevania to further enhance the V Rising experience! All players get to meet the legendary monster slayer Simon Belmont in battle and learn to wield the deadly whip, but those who take advantage of the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack get access to much more!

  • 5 Unique Cosmetic Armor Pieces
  • 3 Unique Shapeshifting Form Variants
  • 13 Castle Pieces, Decorations, Walls, and Doors
  • 5 Breathtaking Statues of Iconic Castlevania Figures
  • 4 New Hairstyles
  • The Skeletal Horse skin, Rowdain’s Steed
  • 2 in-game Castlevania music tracks to play within your Castle

The Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack is available on the PlayStation Store for 19.99 EUR/USD, or bundled with the full V Rising game in the Legacy of Castlevania Edition for 59.99 EUR/USD.


If you want to get the full package, we have you covered! Drape yourself in the greatest finery, hang your halls with the grandest decor, ride the most striking steeds, and harness the magic of alternate shapeshift forms. All of this can be yours with the V Rising Complete Edition, including:

The V Rising Complete Edition is available right now for 99.99 EUR/USD.


Vardoran Awaits…

Stunlock Studios is proud to bring our game to consoles for the first time ever! In collaboration with assistance from Auroch Digital and Sony Entertainment, we hope to have brought you a game to remember and wish for an even grander future. Thank you for taking this adventure with us, and come celebrate together on our socials listed down below!

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Eternally yours,


Stunlock Studios

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