Maybe you thought it would be someone else greeting you this time, but it was still me, Christian! Good to have you guys here. This week I will share with you some tidbits about the patch last week, talk some about what was happening last week besides patching, and let you know a little more about what I will be doing as I transform into a gameplay person once again. Let’s get started. Read more »

Champions of the Arena!

Do you have a way with words? Can you boil down an idea into a short, catchy phrase? And (most importantly) do you love Battlerite? Then you’re in luck! We’re looking for a new tagline to tell the world what Battlerite is all about – and we want your help to do it! Read more »

Vamos a sacar un Hotfix hoy a las 17:00 CEST (11:AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT), el cual requerirá que los servidores pasen por mantenimiento. Estarán caídos hasta 2 horas.

El hotfix contiene los siguientes arreglos:

  • Varesh
    • “Kinetic Energy” (R) vuelve a poder atravesar paredes
    • Arreglado un error con el arma legendaria de Varesh la cual hacía que algunos efectos se vieran extranos.
  • El battlerite “Howling Axes” (Bakko) es ahora compatible con el de “Rampage”
  • Ya no se debería poder entrar a una partida normal de arena como “campeón aleatorio”
  • Duelo de campeón aleatorio
    • Las repeticiones del odeum deberían funcionar correctamente para las camorras a partir de ahora
    • Arreglado un error con la desconexión de jugadores
  • Las opciones de espectador deberían funcionar correctamente de nuevo

Hello everyone! It’s been a while but welcome once again to another Dev Blog headed up by Christian. As we’ve began to rev up for the Free-To-Play release during the second half of 2017, today we are going to talk a bit in general about what Stunlock Studios will be focusing on in the coming months and some of the updates coming to Battlerite. Read more »

Hey everyone! Time for another Dev Blog Lite, written by your favorite Lizard Person. First, before anyone asks – vacation time is over. By the time this goes up most everyone will be back at the office and at work, with only a couple exceptions. What this means is that you’ll get your weekly Dev Blogs, we’ll be working on new content, and we’ll be working on new events. I really wish I could give you more about our plans, but I really can’t at the moment. We can only ask for your trust when we say that we’re bringing you more content. So thank you for your patience and for your passion – we appreciate both.

Moving forward, I was originally going to write about E3, but I decided that looking to the past when everyone wants to know the future wasn’t the best idea. And so I’ll tell you a bit about the present – about events going on in other regions and our lovely Regional Managers, who have helped keep me sane while everyone was away. They’ve been putting on some pretty fun stuff, and have been hard at work this entire vacation period and deserve a little recognition. Read more »