[UPDATED  09/20] 

After additional testing and hearing responses to the Backstab mechanic, we have decided not to include it in this patch. It was initially intended as an experiment to gather data and feedback from the community. Backstab may return in some form in the future.

Patch will arrive on Wednesday, September 20th. The servers will be brought down for patching at 15:00 CEST (9:00 AM EDT / 6:00 AM PDT). The servers can be unavailable for up to 4 hours due to the season change.

Features & Content

End of Season 4 – Secrets of the Forest

With the end of Season 4, rewards will be handed out based on your highest attained league during it. The Grand Champion Mount will be handed out to all players who reached the Grand Champion League during Season 4. The Grand Champion titles will be handed out to the top 5 of every team type.

Start of Season 5 – Demon’s Tale

Season 5 will be the final Early Access Season.

  • Major changes to the Ranking System
    • Higher leagues will be harder to obtain
      • Most players will end up in a lower League than before due to the changes
    • Contender League has been removed
    • Divisions per League have been reduced from 8 to 5
    • Placement games have been added to quicker place you close to your skill level.
    • Win Streak Bonus has been removed
    • Rating Decay System Added
      • Players and Teams in Diamond League or above will receive a rating penalty if they have been inactive for over 7 days. Playing at least one match per week will avoid this penalty
      • Note that there are no notifications or warnings for players/teams risking rating decay (this might be added later)
    • Rating Reset
      • Due to these changes we will reset everyone’s rating, note that this will be the last reset before the official free-to-play launch.
    • Players will be less likely to encounter the same opponents two times in a row.
    • Players will less likely be matched two times in a row with other players that have yet not completed their placement games (when you have completed your own placement games)
  • Third-Party Region Ladder Support
    • Match Data now include region, allowing third-party sites to filter players/teams into different region ladders if they like.
      • The following regions are tagged; EU, NA, South America, SEA, East Asia and OCE.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting multiple matchmaking regions, where players were unable to find games in certain matchmaking regions even though they had them checked.

Free Rotation System

  • Weekly Free Champion Rotation is now active for Battlerite Lite and Free Players
    • The rotation consists of 6 Champions that rotate every Friday at 10:00 UTC
    • To ensure a healthy distribution of champions, the rotation may differ between players
  • Jade is now owned by all players

Champion Updates


  • Sprint (Z while mounted) cooldown reduced from 20s to 10s
  • Melee and Projectile attacks now deal 20% bonus damage when hitting someone in the back
  • Buff queuing reworked
    • Other Side, Tornado and Time Travel will generally no longer wait for a channel or a cast to finish before being applied
      • In exceptions where it is not applied a “Fail Cast” notification will appear, the cooldown of the ability will be set to 0 and any energy cost will be refunded
      • These types of abilities will still wait for travels or dashes to complete before the ability is applied, like before
    • Champions will in some states count as “untargetable”, meaning shield abilities or abilities like Other Side can’t be applied. The current abilities where the champion counts as untargetable are:
      • Pestilus’s Infest
      • Raigon’s Ultimate
      • Varesh’s Ultimate

Some Champions have had their Ultimate voice clip moved to their cast time. Interrupting these champions during their cast time interrupts their voice lines. Champions Affected:

  • Blossom
  • Ezmo
  • Iva
  • Jade
  • Lucie
  • Pearl
  • Pestilus
  • Raigon
  • Sirius
  • Varesh

In addition, voice clips are cancelled when enemies are interrupted while channeling their ultimate. Champions Affected:

  • Iva
  • Jade
  • Rook
  • Sirius



Raging Ram (Updated)

  • Now also reduces the cooldown of Shield Slam (EX E)


Force of Nature (F) (Bug fix)
  • Fixed an issue where the last animation in the attack string sometimes wouldn’t play


Explosive Shells (F) (Bug fix)
  • Fixed an issue where the last animation in the attack string sometimes wouldn’t play



Hysteria (Updated)

  • Now also reduces the cooldown of Petrify Dart (EX E)



Shock Wave (Updated)

  • Now also reduces the cooldown of Tectonic Shock (EX E)


  • Campaign
    • The energy step in Mission 1 now starts you out with 50 energy
    • The number of enemies in Mission 1 and Mission 5 has been tweaked
  • Colllision on maps has been tweaked
    • Generally smaller hard to notice edges have been smoothed out
  • Fixed a bug with model loading when a character appears from the Fog of War. This issue was most noticeable with Pestilus

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