We have decided to postpone Patch 0.11 due to technical issues. It will instead arrive on Wednesday, February 15th. The servers will go down for patching at 15:00 CET (9:00 AM EST / 6:00 AM PST). The patching process will take approximately 2 hours.

Upcoming changes in Patch

As we have the Enter the Arena event coming up we have decided to split the mid February patch in two. This first patch brings the new champion along with the next season and some additional changes and fixes; you can view details below. The second patch, Patch 0.11.1, is planned to arrive February 28th. We are experimenting with some bigger changes for it, with the primary goal to make M1’s more exciting to use while also allowing for M1 exchanges to be more interesting and thrilling. This involves changes to both movement speed, damage, cast times and cooldowns/charges. We have concentrated on looking at the M1s of our ranged Champions first, but are also trying a few things out with our melee Champions. We are still experimenting with this and at the time of writing do not have definite details to share, so you will have to wait for more detailed information in the patch notes for Patch
Patch will also bring other gameplay changes, along with some new mounts and additional changes and fixes.

Features & Content

Raigon, The Exiled Prince – New Melee Champion

Raigon is the former crown prince of Quna. He was a well-respected figure among the kingdom’s warriors, until he was exiled due to the manipulations of Pestilus. For now, the arena serves as a decent place to find work and set the wheels in motion for his retaliation.

Watch Raigon in action

Ability Kit

Sword Slash (M1)

Strike with your sword to deal 10 damage. Successful hits charges your weapon and reduces the cooldown of Retribution by 1s. Each charge increases the power of Retribution.

Retribution (M2)

Dash forward and strike to deal 8 damage and leech 8 health. Deals 3 bonus damage and leeches 3 bonus health per weapon charge.

Heavenly Strike (Space)

Leap and strike with your sword to deal 18 damage in front of you upon landing.

Parry (Q)

Deflect up to 5 attacks. Melee attacks trigger a Counterattack and projectiles are redirected towards your aim direction.

Seismic Shock (E)

Sunder the earth with your blade in a forward slash, dealing 10 and launching struck enemy up in the air for 1.4s.

Dragon Palm (R)

Dash forward and palm strike an enemy. Deals 8 damage and knocks the enemy back. Knocking an enemy into a wall inflicts Stun.

Wrath of the Tiger (F)

Dash and strike an enemy, dealing 20 damage. Upon hit, slash all enemies in an area around you, dealing up to 84 damage over 3s. When the duration ends or upon Recast, dash towards your aim direction.

Slicing Wind (EX M1)

Infuse your blade with determination, causing your next 2 Sword Slashes to send forth Slicing Winds. Deals 10 damage to enemies and heals you for 14 health.

Tectonic Shock (EX E)

Cleave the earth with your blade in a forward slash, dealing 10 damage and launching struck enemy up in the air for 1s. Inflicts Incapacitate for 2s upon landing.


Round 1


Parry can be recast to perform an area attack that deals 12 damage and inflicts a 0.25s Stun.

Overflowing Power

Your next Sword Slash after landing Heavenly Strike launches a Slicing Wind.

Hidden Aerial Slash

Recast Seismic Shock to teleport to the target and striking it in the air dealing 4 damage and increasing air duration by 0.5s.

Round 2

Headlong Rush

The dash length of Retribution is increased by 30%.


Each parried attack grants 1 weapon charge.

Royal Descent

Increases Heavenly Strike damage by 7.

Round 3


Parry ends with an area heal for 8 health around Raigon.

Shock Wave

Seismic Shock deals 4 bonus damage and 10 area damage.

Dragon Mastery

After hitting an enemy with Dragon Palm, the ability may be recast for 1.5s.

Round 4

Sword Dance

Sword Slash hits reduces the cooldown of Parry by 1s.


Maximum Energy is increased by 25% and Retribution grants 7% bonus energy.

Hawk Dive

Heavenly Strike inflicts a 1.2s fading snare.

Round 5

The Tiger and the Dragon

Wrath of the Tiger ends with a Heavenly Strike.

The Power of the Blade

Every unique target struck heals you once for 10 health.

Valentine’s Day Avatars

Valentine’s Day avatars are given out to everyone who logs into the game between February 14th and February 21st.

End of Season 1 – Arctic Winds

Season 1 – Arctic Winds ends on February 14th. After the patch rewards will be handed out to everyone who placed in League.

League Avatar Rewards

Avatars based on the season and your highest attained League will be handed out to all players who placed. This will happen for future seasons as well.

Grand Champion Titles

The Top 5 Grand Champions in terms of rating for each queue (solo, 2v2 and 3v3) are granted a unique in-game title, depending on their ranking and queue. This will happen for future seasons as well.

Grand Champion Mount

The Grand Champion Mount is handed out to all players who reached Grand Champion and will be available to them during Season 2.

Start of Season 2 – Tale of Heroes

Season 2 is planned to last until mid April.

Season 2 Changes

  • New League Added – Contender League
    • Aimed for new players
    • Located below Bronze League
    • Consists of 4 divisions
  • Removed placement games
    • New players will enter Contender League
    • Players with previous ranking records will be placed instantly
  • Distribution of Divisions
    • All Leagues now consist of 8 divisions, except the new Contender League which has 4 divisions.
  • Demotions
    • You can now be demoted to a lower League
  • The rating changes are now more dynamic depending on the rating difference between the players
    • You will gain more rating when winning against higher rated players and lose less rating when losing against a team with higher rated players
    • Due to this change the “win against higher team bonus” has been removed
    • Due to this change the “higher league rating prevention” has been removed
    • If you’re playing with a player in Contender league you can not lose any rating

For more information, read our blog post here

Additional Changes & Fixes

  • Reduced the amount of abilities susceptible to movement speed exploits
  • The recast HUD icon is now only visible to the local player
  • Now storing input settings on the steam cloud


  • Pestilus
    • Fixed a bug where Guardian Swarm (R) would sometimes spawn a Moth targeting Pestilus allies
  • Poloma
    • Protection score gained from the Battlerite “Phantasm” is now attributed to the correct source
  • Shifu
    • Javelin now pulls you to the target even if the damage dealt yields a killing blow.
  • Sirius
    • Celestial Cycle Battlerite now shows the proper icon (R).
  • Taya
    • Boomerangs now have lower velocity on the way out and higher velocity on the way back


  • Friends status is now more specific (In-game – Ranked, In-game – Casual, etc.)
  • Added the ability to filter champions via region
  • Newly acquired items, including avatars, now have a ‘new’ state which can be cleared via hover
  • Added the ability to send group invites to Steam friends
  • Odeum:
    • Added a confirmation popup when publishing a replay which asks if the player wants to leave replay edit or continue editing
    • Can now open player’s main profile through Odeum
    • Added two new feeds, total feeds are as follows:
      • Your feed – Posts/reposts from people you follow
      • Trending – The most trending plays right now
      • New – The most recent plays posted
    • Added match info to replays (who played, what champion they played and team score)
    • Added a profile summary when hovering on players icons
    • Added feature to copy (and thus share) links to Odeum plays and player profiles
  • Added new default avatar
  • Added region to the private match lobby
  • Titles are now localized
  • Fixed a bug causing local ready indicator not to work correctly in private matches
  • Added player tooltip to the party bar in the top left
  • Match scores when pressing TAB now update faster

General Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug which could cause you to get stuck in the startup loading/connection screen. To players this would look like they had connection problems. (This could happen if you were unable to connect with the first IP in the IP file)
  • Fixed a bug where the position of invisible players could be incorrect

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