The V Rising Halloween Video Contest


Welcome to the V Rising Halloween-themed video competition, sponsored by Intel. Can you make a spooky, dark, and mysterious video? 

Record and cut together a 15-45 second Halloween-themed short video in the spirit of V Rising. This video could be anything from your take on a haunting V Rising movie trailer, to a creepy horror story set in the Cursed Forest, to a spooky short about trick-or-treating in the world of Vardoran. 

The ideal submission is original, evocative, and interesting!




Please read these bullet points carefully before entering the contest.


  • Your submission needs to be entered into the Playerstate submission portal by 23:59 UTC on October 24th, 2022. You will be required to make a profile on Playerstate to enter.
  • Your video can be no longer than 60 seconds in length.
  • Must be submitted in a QuickTime, .mov, or MP4 file format.
  • Video must be at least 1280×720 HD 720P.
  • Video file size cannot be larger than 500mbs.
  • Video cannot contain pornographic or excessively gory content. Think rated R.
  • Content included in the video must be recorded or made by you. This can include anything from recorded V Rising in-game footage, V Rising press kit assets, drawn or animated content, or live-action recordings. No other copyrighted materials can be used.
  • To have the prizing delivered to you, you will be required to enter a delivery address for us to ship to. This does not have to be your place of residence but does need to be able to receive shipments.
  • Feel free to include art assets, video material, and logos from our PRESS KIT.




You’ll have your shot at a variety of fantastic prizes, including a Razer Laptop brought to us by our friends at Intel, a gaming keyboard, and a set of rare V Rising merch!


V Rising gear, only available here.


First Prize:


2nd Prize:


3rd Place:
  • V Rising Shirt
  • V Rising Coffee Cup
  • V Rising Stickers


Enter your submission here!


The season of dark imagination is upon us, and we look forward to all your twisted visions. Check the submission site to keep up with your current competition! We’ll be announcing the winners a week after submissions close on October 24, so keep an eye out!

Until next time, bloodsuckers.



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Lots of love and a pint of blood,

/The Marketing Team

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