The following hotfixes have been rolled out for Patch

  • Fixed an issue causing players to disconnect from games. We will be monitoring this and rolling out additional fixes as needed.
  • Fixed an issue where victories in Battlegrounds counted as a loss.
  • Fixed an issue where chests did not properly display received items.









新的版本修复 上线。


  • 修复了玩家团队定位赛结束后直接到达过高的联赛等级的问题。受影响的队伍将会重新进行定位赛,对此带来的不便之处我们表示十分地抱歉。
  • 修复了一些技能会导致不一致攻击速度的问题。
  • 修复了重连后突然出现的问题。
  • 更正部分翻译问题。

[UPDATED 09/20]

版本 将会在9月20日晚周三9点(9:00 AM EDT / 6:00 AM PDT)登陆。届时服务器将由于更换赛季暂时进行大约4小时的维护。

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We are deploying a Hotfix today at 17:00 CEST (11:AM EDT / 8:00 AM PDT), which will require some downtime. The servers can be down for up to two hours. We will also be doing some server maintenance during the downtime.

The hotfix contains the following fixes:

  • Varesh
    • “Kinetic Energy” (R) can now pass through walls again
    • Fixed an issue with Varesh’s legendary weapons which made certain effects look strange (Static)
  • Bakko’s Battlerite “Howling Axes” is now compatible with the Battlerite “Rampage”
  • You should no longer be able to enter a regular arena match as “Random Champion”
  • Random Champion Duel
    • Odeum replays should now work properly for Brawl matches
    • Fixed an issue with how disconnected players were handled
  • Observer settings should now work properly again

The full patch notes for the Summer Mega Patch can be found here:

Live Fixes 2017-06-27

We deployed some fixes yesterday, around 3 hours after the patch went live. These fixes took care of:

  • Blossom being able to re-cast Tag endlessly as long as she had the energy
  • Self cast not working properly
  • Being forced to manually leave a Brawl match when someone else had disconnected

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随着新的补丁,我们想给大家关于回放厅的一些信息。由于版本差异,夏季大更后之前的回放会继续运作,但是可能会在查看回放时有一些负面的影响。 简而言之,旧的重播不会被损坏,但是在播放时时可能会导致帧速率降低。这一点可能在配置较低的电脑上会显示得更明显。