It’s just one day since Battlerite Royale Early Access launched and we have some important updates to get to you! If you’re looking for information specifically regarding launch problems and fixes, please scroll down a bit further.

Royale Early Access development

We’ve been reading a lot of feedback and have decided that we want Battlerite Royale Early Access to involve more experimental changes when it comes to balance and gameplay. The risk is that perhaps some patches do not accomplish exactly what we intend them to, with the upside that we may be able improve things more quickly. Players have been asking us to make bigger changes in our development history for a while, so we’d like to take this opportunity to make the most out of the Royale Early Access period as we can.

With that in mind, tomorrow we will be patching some changes to Royale that we have already spotted from player feedback in the last 24 hours. These changes aim to address both individual champion balance and general early game pacing issues that are mostly due to new players jumping in the same area.

In regards to ranking, we are investigating feedback further and hope to find some improvements by tomorrow’s patch. The main issues we can see are that players feel they rank up too quickly and then end up at a rating where they feel outskilled. Players are also confused as to why they can possibly lose rank when they have a high placement. We agree it’s a bad experience to win a Royale match to then only lose ranking.

To help understand why this is even possible, allow us to explain how ranking currently works as it is quite different to Arena. When you finish a match, you are given a score according to your kills and your placement. This score is turned into a ‘match rating’. If this match rating is higher than your current player rating, you will gain more player rating. If it is lower, you will lose rating. As already mentioned, we will look into ways of adapting this to improve the ranking experience as it is clearly not optimal at the moment.

The full patch notes for the changes mentioned above will be up tomorrow when we deliver the update. Right now we’re still busy implementing these changes!

50% discount issues

You may have heard about or experienced the frustrating issue that was the 50% discount coupon. To clarify, players who purchased either Battlerite Early Access, All Champions Pack or the Ultimate Fan Pack are eligible for a 50% discount for Battlerite Royale Early Access. This coupon was supposed to appear in players’ Steam inventory upon launch. Unfortunately, not all players received their deserved coupon immediately and experienced a delay.

Because of this, we want to apologise for the frustration caused and have decided to deliver 500 Diamonds as compensation to players who purchased Battlerite Early Access or the All Champions Pack (as they were the group that may have experienced the coupon delay issue). Players should receive this compensation today upon restarting their Battlerite Royale clients. Additionally, a 24 hour time extension has been added to the coupon which is now valid for a total of 11 days instead of 10.

If you are still experiencing issues with receiving the 50% discount, please try restarting your steam client and adding Battlerite Royale Early Access to your shopping cart. Once you have added it to your cart, the discount should be applied automatically. If the discount does not show up, please do not purchase the game just yet, and instead submit a ticket to our support team who can assist further. Steam also provides a lot of helpful information about how coupons work right here.

Issues being fixed today

In other news, we have also fixed a couple of issues today:

  • Fixed a bug where Blossom’s abilities got ‘stuck’
  • Fixed an issue where royale matchmaking queues randomly died
  • Fixed an issue which will allow players to use their Legendary Ember Tiger Mount in Arena (more notes on mounts not showing in Arena below)

These fixes will be pushed through an update on Steam for both Royale and Arena, so please restart your clients to receive it!

Issue equipping mounts and weapons in Arena

We currently have an issue where some mounts and royale weapons are not visible in Arena and therefore cannot be equipped. The mounts affected are the Mountain Zebra and Ricky the Rocket. We want you to know we are aware of this issue and hope to fix it ASAP. All cosmetics are supposed to be equippable in either game once unlocked.

Legendary Adventure Pack update

We noticed some purchasers of this pack were disappointed to find that it did not include the royale weapons that matched the outfits on offer. We realised that this was easy to misunderstand from the store page and so to apologise for any confusion caused, we have decided to add these weapons to the pack. All current and future owners of this pack will receive the weapons at no extra cost from tomorrow onward. You can buy the Legendary Adventure Pack here.

Thank you for your continued passion for Battlerite Royale!

/The Stunlock Studios team

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