Server Maintenance


Greetings Vampires!

In preparation for the full launch of V Rising, there is going to be server reorganization and maintenance taking place over the weekend leading up to the patch.




Servers will be CLOSED starting at 12:30 UTC on Monday, May 6, and will remain down until May 8, fully reset and ready for you to strike out into Vardoran fresh!

IMPORTANT NOTE! Player-run servers will not be affected by this downtime.


Official Server Types


The goal of official servers is to provide a stable V Rising experience, but ultimately we expect players to move on to private servers with more tailored gameplay after they’ve got their Vampire legs under them. Every server will have a cap of 60 players.

We intend to have the following server types available in all supported regions:


  • PvE Squad Servers – 6 Month Reset Time
  • PvE Squad Servers – Brutal Difficulty – 6 Month Reset Time
  • PvP Squad – Weekend Raids – 3 Month Reset Time
  • PvP Squad – Brutal Difficulty – Weekend Raids – 3 Month Reset Time
  • PvP Trio – Weekend Raids – 3 Month Reset Time
  • PvP Duo – Weekend Raids – 3 Month Reset Time
  • PvP Squad – No Raids – 1 Month Reset Time
  • PvP Squad – Merciless (Full loot) – Daily Raids – 1 Month Reset Time
  • PvP Duo – Merciless (Full loot) – Daily Raids – 1 Month Reset Time


Like in Gloomrot, all servers will reset eventually. These Official servers are not meant to be your home forever! That being said, we also want to give you the most time we can to not feel rushed if you’re starting new on them. For that reason, we intend to start more servers about halfway through the reset time, to make sure there are always servers that have a significant time left on them before they reset. For example, if a server has a reset time of 6 months, we will be starting new servers of that variety after 3 months.


Save Resets in the New Update


We’d like to take this time to remind you that with the new patch, players will have to play on a new save if they want to experience the content of the new patch. All Official servers will be reset and reconfigured to new settings for the coming update.

If you wish to play on your old save with the old patch, a Steam branch will be publicly available to run your server and preserve your progress. However, be advised that this save will not include any updates coming out on May 8th.


Difficulty Settings


V Rising will introduce Difficulty Settings, which should make it much easier for you to choose your preferred game experience. These will be available in-game as a server setting, and if you are hosting the game, you should be able to change the settings from within the client at any time. However, you will have to do a quick restart for the effects to take effect properly.

In short, choosing how you like to play the game has never been easier! Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between the main three options:

Relaxed Mode


This mode is for players who prefer to indulge in the world’s aesthetics, explore, and build rather than focus on the struggle of battle. Your rise to power will be a slaughter, but that’s alright, you like a slaughter!


  • Sun damage reduced.
  • Blood Drains more slowly.
  • Enemies deal less damage.
  • V Blood bosses have less health.

Normal Mode


Normal settings are the standard settings you know and love! No surprises here, just the well-tuned action-combat survival experience for the Vampire who likes some challenge with their rise to Vampiric perfection. 

Brutal Mode


Brutal difficulty is only recommended for Vampires who have already experienced the full breadth of Vardoran at least once. For those of you new to the world, your best first experience will probably be on normal difficulty. However, if you want to experience V Rising in a new way, this is your opportunity to get your undead heart pumping again!


  • Many V Blood bosses now have new behaviors and abilities.
  • V Blood bosses have more health.
  • V Blood bosses deal significantly more damage.
  • V Blood bosses are higher level.
  • Enemies deal significantly more damage.
  • More loot drops from all sources. You need it.
  • Item durability drains more slowly. Trust me, you’ll thank us.



Choose Your Experience


Maybe I’ll get them to add Super Relaxed for me.

We’ve simplified the experience of choosing how you want your journey to play, allowing you to simply choose a difficulty and go! For those who want to further adjust your settings, you’ll be able to do so in the Advanced Game Settings to further tweak details to your liking.



You’ll be able to return to this menu any time you want, making it easy to change settings if you decide you want to tweak things again after you start playing. Not every setting works this way, though. For instance choosing starting equipment won’t give you a new set of equipment after you’ve already… well, started, but many of the settings can be adjusted even if you’ve already started playing!

For those who want to go even deeper into perfecting your server settings, you can now get taken straight to the directory where you can edit your server files from the client itself. This is for those of you who are comfortable doing a bit of research and tinkering with the server setting text files directly. This is not advised for those who want to keep it simple and might not be for everyone, but we want to give you the tools to do it yourself if you’re inclined!


It’s never been easier to host a server!

For more information on how to host your own dedicated server, please check out some of our available resources that get into all the dirty technical details to help you get it running! Community servers are doing some wonderful things these days, and we would encourage you to support and treasure your Community admin teams when you find a great one!

Thank You


That’s all for now, Vampires! With final preparations underway for the full launch on May 8th, we’re excited to share the most exciting time in V Rising’s history with you. It’s all been leading up to this!


Get ready for the May 8th launch and get V Rising now on Steam!

The PS5 release of V Rising is set for later this year. You can wishlist it here!


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Lots of love and a pint of blood,




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