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The ultimate Vampire experience is coming to your entertainment center this year with V Rising on the Playstation 5! Hunt your prey, Build your castle, and Rise to power through heart-pounding and blood-drinking action combat, all at your fingertips with the DualSense controller. Immerse yourself in the dark world of Vardoran as you slay your way through its depths, all from the luxurious comfort of your couch.


Venture forth like never before.


This will mark V Rising and Stunlock Studios’ first step in expanding beyond the PC space into the world of consoles, and we’re proud to partner with Sony for this tremendous adventure. Our partnership underscores a commitment to excellence, empowering us to navigate this uncharted territory with precision while giving us space to innovate.

With additional support from our friends at Auroch Digital, we’ve laid the groundwork for exploring other platforms and constructing a grand staircase that V Rising can climb to soaring new heights! Their help has allowed us to focus on developing the game itself, including UI improvements and game controller support, all without compromising on our goal to bring the full 1.0 of V Rising to the PlayStation 5 in its complete glory! Upon the launch of V Rising on console, it will feature content parity equivalent to that available on PC.

For those loyal Vampires that still want to play from your PC, fear not! We have heard the demand for controller support and gamepad-style play, and all of its benefits are coming to Steam as well.


The world is yours.


With V Rising’s milestone launch on PlayStation 5 and our first venture into new platforms, we’re excited to expand and reach new players. Just like our Vampires rise to conquer Vardoran, we’re strengthening our presence and expanding our horizons every day.

V Rising is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 in 2024!



The dark gothic world of Vampires awaits, and we’ll see you there, controller in hand. In the meantime, join us on our socials below for more V Rising news and updates.


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Lots of love and a pint of blood,


/The Marketing Team


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