The Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack


On May 8th, in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI), Castlevania is coming to V Rising. Legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont will crash in to burn a path through Vardoran, bringing with him the knowledge of the brand new weapon, the whip! This exciting cross-over event is open to all Vampires, but for those looking to truly grasp the Castlevania Vampire fantasy, we’ve got you covered with something extra.

Introducing the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack! This pack includes new cosmetics that allow you to take on the storied aesthetics of hair, cloth, and form from one of the all-time classic Vampire franchises. Invoke style and indulge in your nostalgia alongside the action-packed V Rising experience you’ve come to know and love.



The Legacy of Castelvania Premium Pack Contains…



5 Unique Armor Pieces: Alucard’s Regalia


The full set can be crafted in-game as soon as you unlock the tailor bench. It costs cloth and coarse thread to make and is purely cosmetic in nature. Using the new armor customization feature, you’ll be able to don the garb of the Vampire Prince at any level of your Vampire journey.


  • Alucard’s Cloak
  • Alucard’s Coat
  • Alucard’s Leggings
  • Alucard’s Gloves
  • Alucard’s Boots



3 Unique Shapeshifting Form Variants


Traverse the open world with the Soul of the Wolf, embody the prodigal Maria Renard to move unnoticed among the realms of man, or spring through the air as the mischievous Flea Man!

  • Wolf Form Variant: Soul of the Wolf
  • Human Form Variant: Glamour of Maria Renard
  • Toad Form Variant: Guise of The Flea Man


Don the perfect disguise of Maria Renard.




Wall-to-Wall Castlevania Ambience


Drape your walls, floors, and most valued places of power in the style of Castlevania. Adorn your walls with the sweeping iconography of pristine angelic figures juxtaposed with the bared fangs of the evolved beast of the night wrapped around the head of your bejeweled coffin. Sit on a throne that projects power, shadowed only by the great bat wings cresting each side of its towering frame.

  • Ancient Symphony Coffin
  • Ancient Symphony Throne
  • 5 Variants of Ancient Symphony Wallpapers
  • Ancient Symphony Floor Pattern


Have a seat, you’re royalty.




  • Ancient Symphony Gate (Castle Door with Servant Lock variant)
  • 4 Variants of Ancient Symphony Stairs
  • Ancient Symphony Carpet (Corner, End, Straight, T-Section, X-Section)



  • Ancient Symphony Candelabra



  • Ancient Symphony Glass Window – Wraith
  • Ancient Symphony Glass Window – Vampire


Sprawling excellence.


Line Your Halls With Figures of Greatness


Surround yourself with the imagery of regal creatures of the night, stunning heroes, and the hopeless duality of angelic beauty.


  • Ancient Symphony Statue of Alucard
  • Ancient Symphony Statue of Maria
  • Ancient Symphony Evolved Being (Statue)
  • Ancient Symphony Bone Trophy
  • Ancient Symphony Angelic Statue



  • Ancient Symphony Blood Fountain


Fill your halls with majesty.




One Bespoke Undead Mount


Ride into battle upon Rowdain’s famed skeletal steed and enjoy the delicious irony of bringing your unliving fantasy to life.

  • Rowdain’s Steed (Saddle)



New Unique Hairstyles


Some of these styles might seem familiar to you, and if they don’t, you’ll just have to do a little bit of homework to fully appreciate how good you look.

  • 4 new hairstyles: The Lecarde sisters, and two Succubus variants. 



Castlevania Paintings


Let these two meticulously crafted paintings spice up your walls, adding depth and character to every corner of your domain. Elevate your surroundings with a touch of the extraordinary, courtesy of Castlevania.

  • 2 Ancient Symphony Paintings



Unlock Castlevania Music Tracks


Set the tone in your ominous abode with two classic Castlevania themes, “Simon’s Theme” and “Bloody Tears”, reimagined by V Rising composer Aleksandria Migova. This DLC unlocks the music to be played with the Music Box in your castle.

  • Bloody Tears (V Rising Adaptation)
  • Simon’s Theme (V Rising Adaptation)


A castle worthy of your greatness.



The Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack will be available on the V Rising store page on May 8th with the launch of 1.0, at the price of 19.99 USD/EUR. The items are unlocked as equivalent tiers of items are made available. For instance, you will gain access to the Soul of the Wolf variant after defeating the Alpha Wolf and unlocking Wolf Form.




As an additional and important note, you are NOT required to have purchased the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack to fight Simon Belmont or acquire the Whip weapon type in the update. These will be available for all Vampires!


We look forward to seeing you all for our major release! The full majesty of V Rising blooms in the dark just over the horizon!


V Rising Early Access is available now on Steam!


The PS5 release of V Rising is set for later this year. You can wishlist it here!


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