Hey everyone! I’m Meesh, a 3D Artist here at Stunlock Studios. With the start of a new year and Battlerite Royale’s Free to Play quickly approaching, we wanted to spin up another Concept Art Contest as a small way of saying thank you to our dedicated community! And this time, we’re going to open it up to designs for ALL champions!!! (poggies)

Create a brand new outfit for ANY Battlerite champion and the winning design will be crafted into the game as a free obtainable skin for everyone! Artists, you have until 11:59 PM CET on March 8th, 2019 to submit your original skin design to contest@battlerite.com (along with your Battlerite username and a name for your outfit) for the chance to win the following prizes!


One, Grand Prize winner will receive:

  • Design in Game
  • Legendary Adventure Pack 1
  • Premium Battle Pass Season 2 
  • Lovehound Mount
  • All Champion’s Pack (Arena)
  • All Champion’s Pack (Royale)
  • Title of Art Warrior

Three, Runner Up winners will receive:

  • Premium Battle Pass Season 2
  • Lovehound Mount
  • All Champions Pack (Arena)
  • All Champions Pack (Royale)
  • Title of Art Warrior

Four, Top 8 Placement winners will receive:

  • Title of Art Warrior

Once all entries are in, the Stunlock team will come together and pick out their Top 8 Favorites. Then on March 15, the votes will be open to EVERYONE in order to determine a grand champion out of the selected Top 8. This year, we will be using a rating system where you’ll be able to rate each of the submissions from a number 1-5 (5 being most liked), then the points will be tallied up to determine a winner. Each person will only be able to submit ratings once, so make it count!

As a disclaimer, please remember we are working with a game engine here, so any concepts that are WAY out of the ballpark crazy and technologically impossible to construct will have to be disqualified. Please steer clear of nutty concepts such as: a Sirius skin with 10 arms each holding 10 crescent blades, a Blossom skin that spawns a different tropical bird every 10 seconds, an Ashka skin where he’s made out of crawling ants, etc.

Don’t worry though, if your winning skin is a bit out of bounds, we will contact you with suggestions for possible variations on your design. That way we’ll be able to get your pretty design into the game while keeping the integrity of it as much as we can!

I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of questions and we’ll do our best to answer them wherever we see them, but for now here’s a little FAQ for some of the more pressing questions:


Does the Outfit need to have any theme?

Nope, the outfit can be whatever theme you want it to be!

Are there any restrictions on what I can design?

Yes – champions should be recognizable as the characters they are, and you may not add additional limbs or any parts that require a moving skeleton (parts such as small wings or a small tail are okay etc). The best way to design your champion outfit is to take a screenshot from character selection of your champion to use as a base figure for your concept design. 

Am I allowed to design new champions?

No, this contest is for new outfit designs only!!

Do I need to design matching weapons for my outfit?

It’s not required, but you’re welcome to if you’d like. Main focus should be on the outfit itself, though!

When will we get the outfit?

The outfit should become available Summer 2019!

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yep, there’s no limit on how many entries you can submit, but please keep in mind that quality will always trump quantity. :- )

Make sure to share your concepts with us on Twitter, Steam, and Reddit with the hashtag #BattleriteArt so we can repost and share your creations with the world! Good luck out there artists, looking forward to seeing all your Pestilus skins entries!

/ Meesh

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