The Bloodfeast is coming!


The dying seasons are upon us, and with it, we revisit a fond tradition. This time of year, we celebrate the passing of the leaves, the raising of ghouls and spirits, and human desperation to make the most of their last harvests before the winter comes to strangle the life from the land. Now is the time to crash the dwindling hopes of our prey!  Bare your fangs, unsheath your blades, and gather every vampire from every corner of the world!

Halloween Free Weekend


Play-For-Free this Halloween! The Bloodfeast is the time of year Vampires most freely engage in their savagery, and it’s not a private party. All creatures of the night are invited! We’re encouraging everyone who has an interest in engaging their bloodsucking desires to join us the weekend of October 28th through November 1st for a V Rising FREE WEEKEND! Bring all your friends, show them the way of the Vampire, and let them experience Vardoran for the first time to indulge in your bloodlust. 


In addition to the upcoming free weekend, we’re happy to announce that V Rising is going to be available on GeForce NOW on October 27, just in time to take advantage of the event! If you’ve wanted to stalk the night but have been limited by your hardware, now is the perfect time.


Free DLC: Haunted Nights Castle Pack


To help you get in the spirit of the season of spirits.


Not only that, but all V Rising players will be able to claim the FREE Halloween-themed Haunted Nights Castle DLC Pack up through November 7th! You’ll find all manner of spooky castle decorations to keep forever. Drape your castles in webbing and light your dark corridors with skull candles now and all year long. Just make sure you claim the DLC before the celebration ends!


The Haunted Nights Castle DLC Pack contains…

New interior decor for the season of ghosts and gourds!


  • Haunted Nights Wall Decor (2x Wallpapers)
  • Haunted Nights Gourd Lanterns
  • Haunted Nights Stained Glass Window
  • Haunted Nights Carpets


Fresh ways to light your lair and… allow your servants somewhere to check their appearance.


  • Haunted Nights Floating Gourd
  • Haunted Nights Standing Mirror
  • Haunted Nights Skull Candles
  • Haunted Nights Laughing Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Grinning Pumpkin
  • Haunted Nights Wailing Pumpkin


Cursed caskets, caches, and cobwebs.


  • Haunted Nights Web Drapes for Pillars, Walls, and Windows
  • Haunted Nights Coffin
  • Haunted Nights Small Stash


This DLC will be available on October 24th and can only be claimed until November 7th, 2022. After logging in and claiming your DLC, it will be available for you year-round, so don’t worry about losing your sense of style just because the season has passed. Remember that this is only if you claim the DLC first, so don’t miss your opportunity to get your free castle skins!

Halloween Update: Mad Hunt 



On October 24th, we’ll release an update to V Rising with some interesting new additions for returning and veteran players to experience the game in a new way! We’ll introduce a preset to the server defaults called MAD HUNT that will introduce an element of chaos so wild it makes Chaos Volley look like Regular Volley.

When playing in the new preset, V Blood locations, V Blood spell unlocks, and V Blood technologies will be randomized around the map. We’ve put certain limits in place to ensure that you’re still able to acquire certain technologies at certain points so as not to make progression frustrating or impossible, but otherwise, it’s a free-for-all! Have fun chasing Beatrice out of the Iron Mine and running face-first into Terrorclaw’s open mouth!


Please don’t interrupt Styx’s prayer time, he gets very upset.


If you happen to enjoy any of these elements but not the others, we’re also giving you the freedom to apply them as you like! Randomized V Blood locations, randomized V Blood spell unlocks, and randomized V Blood technologies will all be separate settings available to all private servers!

In addition to the new presets, we’ll be making some balance adjustments to spells and weapons, as well as a few fixes and changes to support a healthier endgame castle-raiding environment. This will include reducing standard raid time on Official servers to a 4-hour window instead of a 6-hour window. We’re hoping this makes it a bit easier to defend your territory.


The siege golem, now capable of taking more than two hits.


Let the Festivities Begin!


Happy Bloodfeast, Vampires! Celebrate Halloween with us and capture the essence of the season of decay. We hope you enjoy these Halloween treats in the wait for the bigger expansion of V Rising, coming 2023!

Don’t forget to submit your video entry to the V Rising Halloween Video Contest while there’s still time, only a few days left. Someone is going to win that scary powerful laptop, and that person could be you! Entries are closed on October 24th, and we’ll be announcing the winners on October 27th, so if you’re sitting on an entry, make sure you get it in as soon as possible!



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Lots of love and a pint of blood,

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