Ah, the holidays of horror!

What a delicious time to be un-alive. The streets are filled with decay, death, and hapless humans prancing about, more oblivious than ever. A season of easy feeding and terror is certainly never the better time to be inspired by all those things we Vampires love most. Fear, darkness, death, and a unique flavor of extra sweet blood.

You certainly showed your inspiration! When we put out the call for Halloween-themed V Rising videos, who could have known we would get so many fascinating entries? From fun and comical to dreadfully enticing, we had around 60 unique entries soaked in the blood, sweat, and tears of a real passion for the art form.


Honorable Mentions


It was not an easy task to choose winners this year; here are just a few entries that caught our eye. Though they didn’t place, their unique approach still touched each of our dark, empty hearts in all the worst ways.


The Uninvited Guest

Submitted by Elm.


It’s A Good Day

Submitted by GoofyAlmond.




Third Place (Part One): Halloween in V Rising


Submitted by Marblexnart.


Live-action combat! Unbelievable weapon recreations! The dedication to actually snap one in half! A pumpkin that has been stabbed many times! This short does have it all. Between the spirit, acting, and impressive props, this Halloween short delivers a lighter atmosphere that falls in line with the holiday season.



Third Place (Part Two): Night of the Pumpkin


Submitted by Thundaslap.


We weren’t kidding when we said it was hard to pick winners this year, and in the end, the judges decided to award an additional third place award to Night of the Pumpkin. The animation, effects, and surreal sense of humor made it difficult for us to not deliver some recognition (as well as some V Rising goodies) for excellent effort and execution in this animation.



Second Place: Happy Halloween Trailer


Submitted by User1996.


It’s hard to deny the classic Halloween taste of this one. Excellent editing, cuts, and creativity fill this entry with the variety of a trick-or-treat candy bowl, and the flavor delivers.



First Place: The Prey’s Prayer


Submitted by Buckeru.


Our first-place entry sets a darker tone this season, and the story and charming animation tell a story we can all relate to hunting in the dead of night and seeing our quarry to their miserable demise. We felt that The Prey’s Prayer struck exactly the right balance of the Halloween theme, a powerful mood, and the Vampire’s perspective set perfectly at home in the world of Vardoran. Congratulations on an excellent entry, and we hope you enjoy your new laptop!





Here’s a quick reminder of what our winners have earned! A very special thanks to Intel for providing one scary good laptop for our top entry.



  • 2nd Place: Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, V Rising Hoodie, V Rising Shirt, V Rising Coffee Cup, V Rising Stickers!


  • 3rd Place(x2): V Rising Shirt, V Rising Coffee Cup, V Rising Stickers!



Thanks for Entering!


It cannot be said enough how amazing the range of entries was. If we had not long since lost all feeling to the cold vortex of infinity, we would be truly touched by this undeniably incredible turnout. Unfeeling though we may be, even we must extend our appreciation for all of your efforts.


Thank you for making the judge’s job so difficult this year. If you haven’t seen them yourself, all of the entries are archived right here!

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Lots of love and a pint of blood,


/The Marketing Team

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