Greetings, Vampires.

As you may be aware, it’s been a busy time for us in the dark crypts at Stunlock Studios! Unfortunately, here in Sweden, the sun never sets this time of year. Fortunately, that’s given us a very good reason to stay inside and focus on working out all the bugs that have been plaguing us over the past month!


Live reenactment.


Soon we’ll return to our usual tricks, cauldrons bubbling and coffins rattling as we craft new and wonderful horrors for you to explore. Before that, though, we thought it would be nice to check in with our favorite swarm of deadly undead.


Thank you all!

Our most heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who has returned for Update #1! We were pleasantly surprised by the huge turnout of vampires, and we can’t thank you enough!


Focus on the elegant party setup and not us being a bunch of nerds in the background.


“There is nothing better than eating your own artwork.” – Johan “Buckster” Wahlbäck


While the cake was undoubtedly delicious, the greatest delight has been witnessing your reaction to Secrets of Gloomrot. Your feedback and support have been incredibly motivating and are helping us take the next step toward the full release of V Rising with all of you in mind. 


Give Us Your Thoughts

Your joy has truly become our joy, and we value your thoughts immensely! Now that you’ve had a chance to dive into the new content, this is the perfect time to share your opinion with us! Make your mark on V Rising forever, at the mere price of a moment of your time and your dark, lovely, twisted mind.





We’ve been collecting feedback for a while now, but it’s by no means comprehensive, and we’d like to reach out to as many Vampires as possible before really assessing the data. That being said, we’ve seen some pretty interesting trends between the statistics of our Official servers and the survey results thus far.

Here are a few interesting numbers! Please keep in mind that these figures are expected to evolve over time, but for now, let’s enjoy them for the sheer fun they bring. 


  • 62.9% of survey respondents have never played a Stunlock game other than V Rising! If you’re among them, you should try this fascinating game, I believe it’s called “Battlerite”.


See some familiar faces.


  • 24.5% of players answered didn’t find any V Blood encounters particularly frustrating. In response, we will be doubling the minion spawns on all V Blood fights, and V Bloods that don’t spawn minions will now spawn Gorecrusher the Behemoth. (A Joke! Perhaps.)


It’s for him. He gets lonely in his cave.


  • 28.4% of you admitted you would wait until a defender in a raid is vulnerable before trying to steal some loot. Devious.


You know who you are.


  • 43.9% of participants so far have never engaged in PvP. Maybe something new to try? Don’t you want a little more carnage to spice up your undead life?


Press F to pay respect.


The Journey Continues

As always, we understand your curiosity about what lies ahead. We are meticulously planning and paving the way toward our future goals. But what exactly awaits us at our destination? Where are we headed, and when?

In the next phase of V Rising, a grand conclusion to the vampire legend awaits. It signifies the pinnacle of your journey to supremacy and marks the start of your reign as the apex predator of Vardoran. It’s the end of your ascension but the beginning of your legend. It serves as a satisfying conclusion to this chapter while leaving room for more adventures ahead.


Wouldn’t a key imply… a door?


With the introduction of Secrets of Gloomrot, we’ve successfully added layers to the gameplay, refined progression where needed, and really made a better experience to bring players onward. We may soon reach a version of the game that we consider to be ‘complete’. However, rest assured that this doesn’t mark the end of V Rising’s development. The game has room to evolve and grow even in its finished state.

We’re aiming to make the next update V Rising’s full release, THE BIG 1.0, and it will require a similar development timeframe as Gloomrot of around a year. But what does it mean for V Rising to reach its full release, transitioning out of Early Access? 

It involves further developing our existing systems to make them more engaging, exploring new possible features, and adding more content. It means providing a satisfying conclusion to the adventure-focused PvE side of the survival experience. We’ll also enhance our internal tools to streamline our work process, which will take time. This investment will pave the way for improved efficiency and a smoother workflow beyond 1.0. That means better content, faster.

And, of course, it means polishing the wicked, tortured hell out of everything until we’re truly satisfied. Or at least until our artists are tired enough to let us rip the art assets out of their clawed grasps as they beg us to allow them one more pass.


Smile through the pain, Julia. Smile through the pain.

The Ritual Has Begun

We’re drawing out our magic circles, setting up our candles, and getting to cooking. Though it has been nice to enjoy the release of Secrets of Gloomrot, the next chapter of V Rising has begun, and we must ever move forward. Thank you for joining us, and we hope that you continue to show us incredible patience, dignity, and grace. We take your faith in us seriously and will continue working and doing our very best to ensure V Rising reaches its full potential.


Like you, we are building. Credit to Redditor u/glermz for their creation.


While you’re at it, why not get some more eyes on yourselves? Don yourselves in the garb of the eternal Vampire and display your immaculate style in the mortal realm.


We raise our shiny new mugs as we bid you goodbye for now. Until next time, Vampires!


V Rising Early Access is available now on Steam!


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Lots of love and a pint of blood,



/The Marketing Team

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