It’s been a busy week, and Jade got a little lost in the shuffle, but here we are!

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in concepts! We received over a hundred unique ideas and our artists were so overwhelmed by your creativity that they had a difficult time deciding on a winner. They suggested that we put the final pick to a vote – for you the community to have the final say on exactly what you want in the game.

There are six different concepts to choose from. We want take this opportunity to remind you that this is not an art contest – this is a concept contest. What we mean by this is, you should vote for the outfit that you think would look the best in-game, not the concept that has the best presentation or artist skills. You can vote for one concept, and the one with the most votes will be made into a free in-game outfit for everyone!

The winning artist will also receive one Legendary Loot pack and five Creepy Chests – some of the last Creepy Chests of the year! Three runners-up will receive three Creepy Chests, and all six of our finalists will receive the in-game title of Art Warrior once the contest has ended.

You can vote for your favorite concept here. Voting ends on Tuesday, November 21st at 23:59 CET. View the six finalists below:

Rebel Jade by Lavius
Chevalier de la Rose by Chocolatemonkey
Storm Raven by JuicySoda
Bloodline Legacy by Pixel_Hat
Desperate Corsair by Roguemuffin
Lotus Jade by TofuMao

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