With the launch of Update #1: Secrets of Gloomrot, we would like to inform you about some known issues that will unfortunately not be resolved by the time the update goes live. Despite having addressed hundreds of issues and bugs, there are a few that still remain.


We want to remind you that the game is still in the early access phase, and these challenges are part of the ongoing development. As such, it’s in your best interest that we are communicative about ongoing issues and let you know that we are not only aware of them but actively working to solve them as we speak.


Here are some of the more noteworthy problems we are aware of that will be present in the Gloomrot launch version.


Server Crashes:


  • We experienced server crashes during the beta weekend, and unfortunately, at least one crash will not be fixed.
  • The frequency of these crashes is still being assessed, with 3 crashes occurring in 2 days during the beta weekend due to the high player count on one of our stress-testing servers.
  • Occasional server downtime may occur due to the number of servers we will be running.
  • We are committed to promptly restarting the servers as soon as possible to minimize any disruption.
  • We are actively investigating how longer server uptime may impact these occurrences.


Jewels Disappearing:



  • We have received reports of jewels randomly disappearing when equipped.
  • Despite our best efforts, this issue has persisted through each beta version.
  • Resolving this problem requires further investigation and potentially more extensive time investment.
  • We are actively focusing on this issue as it can impact the sense of progression and the rewarding aspects of the game.


Client Performance Issues:


  • Some players have experienced performance issues on the client after playing for an extended period of time.
  • A client restart is required to restore proper functionality.
  • The UI and other elements may start to lag severely, rendering the game unplayable.
  • We have not been able to reproduce this issue on demand, but we recommend regular game restarts as a temporary solution.


Servant Functionality Disruptions:

  • Occasionally, some servants may experience disruptions in functionality or intermittent issues with attacking.
  • This primarily affects PvP and can be important to certain players.




  • There has been a delay in our Language Quality Assurance procedures that means some of our translations may be a bit strange during our initial launch.
  • We are actively working to resolve this issue!


Server List:

  • There is an issue with our server list

We will continue to update this list on our website as issues evolve. If you encounter any other bugs, please report them on our bug report site at https://bugs.playvrising.com/ to help us improve!


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