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Greetings Vampires!

In this dev blog, we take a closer look at the narrative behind V Rising and shed a bit more light on the story we told in the reveal trailer.

It’s been important to our team to have a narrative foundation for our world. It is the trunk of the tree that acts as a support for all the world’s details, flourishing into a setting you can immerse yourself in. When you play V Rising it will be you telling us your story, and we want to take the chance to introduce you to some of the broader details of the world you’ll be telling that story in.

So make yourself comfortable! Find a nice dark place to light a candle, kick up your feet, and enjoy a tale… of vampires.


The world was once a place of order…

There was a way of things, a cycle. The men and women of the realms of humankind went about their way, learning, trading, building their great kingdoms and tall castles. Such grand things cast long shadows. In those shadows lived the other half of the cycle, the vampire. The puppeteers of humanity. In exchange for illusions of independence and unwitting protection from the many predators of the night, the vampires fed on mankind’s wealth and blood, living in delicate, decadent harmony with them.

So it was for millennia.



… But no such balance can last forever.


There is always ambition, and what is more natural to the vampire than hunger? To mankind today the truth has long since been forgotten, existing only in tales that have been twisted by memory and time. The truth, however, lives on in the memories of every vampire alive to remember the Great War. The creature that reached beyond the familiar bounds of blood magic, past our material realm, and into untouched worlds. The man who shattered order and brought chaos: Dracula.

Dracula was a pioneer, the first to pierce the planes and concord with the mysterious powers that inhabit those other worlds. A dark throne manifested in Dracula’s castle, a conduit between the planes. The seat of power, and with it, the key to world domination.

The other clans would not submit easily, and so came the Great War. Wielding blade, bow, and blood magic they fought to wrest control of Dracula’s newfound power. They expended every last resource they had in savage resistance to his control, their lust for power causing them to sacrifice everything in its pursuit. The cities of humankind were decimated in the struggle, drowning in rivers of blood for the sake of their hopeless ends.

Dracula had become unstoppable.

Or so they thought.

Born not of lust for power, but pure desperation, the last remnant vestiges of mankind prostrated themselves before all of creation. They begged to anything, anyone that might hear them for salvation from their impending extinction.


Something answered.

Humankind was blessed with the power of holy light, and what few could wield it formed the vanguard for humanity, the Church of Luminance. Their order gathered under the united banner of the Paladins of Light, riding forth and casting the light into those long shadows to illuminate the dark. A surge of holy light obliterated Dracula and scattered the vampire legions. They pushed back the great clans and sent them into a full bore retreat. Soon, they knew, there would be no shadows left in which to hide. The age of the vampire had come to a close.

Now it was the vampires who knew desperation and called on the last of their power to form a Dark Barrier to protect them during their last stand. This Barrier left them alive but trapped in seclusion and cut off from their source of food and power. They began to waste away. In their time of need, just as their bodies began to fail them and they began to fall into their dreamless sleep, they called out to the void that had once aided Dracula in hopes that it could save them.

No one answered, and so they slept.


The world continued without the vampires, and like any world, it would not survive any time of victory or peace without succumbing to new troubles—an enemy born from within. The Church of Luminance and the power they had acquired would not fade as the threat passed. As it is with all power, it craved to be wielded, and without an enemy to turn it upon, they would instead turn it upon themselves. The hand of light became an iron gauntlet, and with it, they would wring their subjects of wealth and worth. Dracula’s throne was one of otherworldly power, but the church would forge their own throne of worldly greed in his absence.

Centuries would turn over one another, rolling onward. Hundreds of years of overgrowth would go on to swallow the last remnants of vampire civilization, their tombs far-flung and forgotten to the wilderness along with their legends. The Dark Barrier would come to fade with time, opening these forgotten lands up to human exploration. Campfire tales of the horrors that lay within would not be enough to deter outlaws and other hardened undesirables from delving in, unaware of what lurks beneath. A new beginning for them, they believe… and in a way, they are dreadfully correct.

A dark herald’s cry rings out from the depths of the abyss, reaching into the mortal world and bringing with it an answer to that now ancient plea for help. With the distant call of this unseen benefactor, the vampires begin to stir once more, awakening from their centuries-long slumber to a world that has all but forgotten them.


They are withered and weakened. Thirsty and cunning. Dangerous and furious.

They will build.

They will hunt.

… They will rise.



We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into the world of V Rising!

The next chapter lies with you.



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Lots of love and a pint of blood,

The Marketing Team 

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