Greetings Vampires!


Today, we plunge into the cold, dark depths of the Ruins of Mortium to explore our Vampire history. With the return of the king of kindred, it is perhaps time to remind ourselves of who we are and explore the new revelations of our people’s legend. We’re cracking open ancient tomes and telling old tales, then getting a taste of what is to come with the coming invasion that threatens the return of Dracula.

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The Night Approaches!


Welcome to your dark future, Vampires!

With the big update right around the corner, now is the time to get caught up on all the details of what you can expect in the update this May 8th! We’ve pooled all our dark knowledge in one convenient place for you to fully inform yourself on what you can look forward to as we celebrate our full release, including many yet-unannounced features we’re unveiling for you today!

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The Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack


On May 8th, in collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI), Castlevania is coming to V Rising. Legendary vampire hunter Simon Belmont will crash in to burn a path through Vardoran, bringing with him the knowledge of the brand new weapon, the whip! This exciting cross-over event is open to all Vampires, but for those looking to truly grasp the Castlevania Vampire fantasy, we’ve got you covered with something extra.

Introducing the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack! This pack includes new cosmetics that allow you to take on the storied aesthetics of hair, cloth, and form from one of the all-time classic Vampire franchises. Invoke style and indulge in your nostalgia alongside the action-packed V Rising experience you’ve come to know and love.

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Legacy of Castlevania is coming to V Rising on May 8th!


In collaboration with Konami Digital Entertainment (KONAMI), Stunlock Studios proudly presents Legacy of Castlevania! The mighty hero of the Belmont Clan, Simon Belmont, is here to challenge all of Vampire kind. Wielding his legendary Vampire Killer and an infamous arsenal of holy weaponry, no night stalker will be safe from his righteous crusade through Vardoran. Defeat him and unlock the secrets of a brand new weapon, the whip, adapting new combat abilities that embody the grace and precision of the deadly Vampire hunter! 


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