This hotfix was rolled out on Thursday, February 21st, and addresses some additional bugs that came with the February 19th 1.0 patch.

General Bugfixes

  • Clear All New Items now works as intended
  • Fixed an issue where no avatars were displayed when trying to change the team avatar
  • Fixed an issue where veteran players may be informed to play the tutorial
  • Leaderboards should now update correctly for players/groups with more than 20 matches
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck when going back after browsing Battle Pass rewards


  • Fixed an issue where Daily Quests refresh Timer did not display correctly when below 1 hour
  • Fixed an issue where the timer in Daily Quests mismatched between Lobby and Quests overlay
  • Fixed an issue where “View Sponsors” was not localized


  • Season Level is no longer displayed in Seasons prior to Battle Season 1

Gameplay Updates

Map Objects

  • Fixed an issue where Oldur could not cast Cursed Urn projectiles after absorbing them with Time Bender


  • Fixed visual issue where characters would look like they were running while gliding on ice created by the Frost Flake consumable

Champion Updates

All Champions

  • Friction increased for all Champions (does not affect friction while on icy surfaces, so those will still be just as slippery!)

  • Temporal Strike (R)
    • Dash stops further from walls
    • Initial area attack no longer hits target beyond a wall
    • Now has aim preview for the area attack

  • Zephyr (Q)
    • Now indicates airtime

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