The time has come to rise from your crypts and descend onto Vardoran. At Stunlock Studios, we’re proud to be able to show the fruits of our labors after our longest development cycle, and by far our most ambitious project to date.

V Rising is a gothic fantasy survival action game that focuses on what it is to be a vampire in an unforgiving world, utilizing old familiar combat similar to that of our earlier PVP titles but also exploring a wealth of new ideas. We’ve worked hard to put all of this together into something cohesive and darkly beautiful for you to experience.


This is of course only the beginning. V Rising is just entering Early Access, and while we feel there is much to do in Vardoran already, it’s far from complete. We have a lot of plans moving forward, and we’ll need your help in shaping the future of our game as we work towards an even bigger, even more amazing vampire journey.


So please, join us and take your first steps into Vardoran.



V Rising is available NOW for Early Access purchase, 19.99 USD/EUR

If you’d like to support us further, please consider getting the Dracula’s Relics Pack or the Eldest Bloodlines Founder’s Pack!

To keep up with V Rising as we rove out and conquer the land of the living, consider checking us out on our social media channels down below.

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Lots of love and a pint of blood,

/The Marketing Team

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