On Tuesday February 13th Patch 1.3.1 was set live. Now, February 14, Hotfix is rolled out. If you are running Battlerite when the hotfix goes live you will have to restart Steam or verify integrity of game files to make sure the game will function correctly. The following changes are made in this hotfix:



  • Time to Strike
    • Fixed a bug that caused the fading haste duration to last longer than intended on Deceit (EX Q)



  • Cold Wind
    • Now properly counts as a Razor Boomerang (M1) rite in the Loadout Screen
  • Gale
    • Fixed so there’s no longer Gales everywhere (fixed so only applying Haste via Space Bar spawns Gale)
    • Fixed so Zephyr (EX Q) no longer spawns Gale
    • Now properly counts as a Haste (SB) rite in the Loadout Screen
  • Throwing Technique
    • Fixed an issue where X-Strike (M2) would not deal bonus intersect damage with Throwing Technique selected



  • Creeping Roots
    • Fixed so the effect will no longer fade before the debuff duration ends

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