Patch 1.8 will go live on Thursday, September 20th at 7:00 UTC. Downtime is scheduled to be up to 4 hours.

General Updates

  • Champion level requirement for Legendary color variations (Outfits and Weapons) has been removed
  • Updated Champion portraits
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to get a 0 score in matches
  • Fixed a bug where reconnecting to private matches would occasionally not work
  • Prehistoric chests are no longer purchasable in arena, and Prehistoric items can no longer be obtained with tokens
  • Leave group button made more obvious and players are now able to leave the group from the top right group menu
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck before getting into the loading screen
  • Profile:
    • Items owned calculations modified to more accurately show items owned number depending on what items are currently available
  • Collection – Champions:
    • Items owned calculations modified to more accurately show items owned number depending on what items are currently available
  • Discard sponsor option now available on sponsors that you have progressed on from previous seasons
    • Discarding a sponsor permanently removes it, freeing up a space for you to sign a new sponsor if you have maxed out
  • Several minor adjustments to layout, button texts and styling to improve the main menu consistency
Art and Audio
  • Ambient sounds added or updated on all maps
  • Minor polishing on various sounds, including an update for Jade’s reload sound
  • Voice lines of all characters optimized to get rid of unnecessary repetitions and allow for hearing more phrases
  • The following Champions have received animation and vfx updates:
    • Ashka
    • Bakko
    • Raigon
    • Jade
    • Blossom
    • Sirius
    • Freya
    • Varesh
    • Pestilus

Mount rarities have become muddled and unbalanced over time, particularly Legendary mounts. This adjustment aims to make mount rarities and their qualities more consistent. It also makes space for new mounts to be added at various rarities whilst still being desirable.

The following mounts have had their rarity adjusted:

 Mount Old Rarity New Rarity
Holy Ram Rare Common
Demonic Ram Rare Common
Swift Furrycorn Epic Rare
Magnificent Moose Epic Rare
Noble Steed Epic Rare
Swift Steed Epic Rare
Black Wullbear Epic Rare
Noble Wullbear Epic Rare
Royal Wullbear Epic Rare
Magic Royal Carpet Epic Rare
Magic Moonlight Carpet Epic Rare
Twitchicorn Epic Rare
Sweet Candycorn Epic Rare
Arcane Furrycorn Legendary Epic
Demonic Steed Legendary Epic
Arcane Moose Legendary Epic
Spooky Furrycorn Legendary Epic
Stoic Gryphon Legendary Epic
Mountain Gryphon Legendary Epic
Resplendent Gryphon Legendary Epic
Sinister Gryphon Legendary Epic
Snow Gryphon Legendary Epic
Royal Lokum Nautilus Legendary Epic
Bright Lokum Nautilus Legendary Epic
Deep Sea Lokum Nautilus Legendary Epic
Volcanic Lokum Nautilus Legendary Epic
Outcast Lokum Nautilus Legendary Epic
Desert Vulpin Legendary Epic
Dark Vulpin Legendary Epic
Bright Vulpin Legendary Epic
Sweet Vulpin Legendary Epic
Forest Vulpin Legendary Epic
Yogyog Bear Legendary Epic

Gameplay Updates – New Arena Maps

Six new maps have been added to the Arena.

Daharin Battlegrounds – Day

Daharin Battlegrounds – Night

Misty Woods – Day

Misty Woods – Night

Meriko Summit – Day

Meriko Summit – Night

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