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We’re finally starting the V Rising Closed Beta and are planning three test sessions before Early Access. Our first test begins March 23 and focuses on the new player experience! We’ll be shaking the dust off of a few thousand untouched coffins and introducing them to the world of Vardoran for the first time, so everyone begins on a level playing field. Those who haven’t had the opportunity to test the game just yet should start checking your emails soon, as we’ll be sending keys out later today!

This first test will last for one week with PvE and PvP servers in North America and Europe. The in-game content will include all four regions we plan to feature with Early Access! Much of this content is still in development and will continue to improve during our road to the Early Access release. We’ll be inviting around 3000 players to test this time around. The volume and duration of this test will be the largest we’ve done so far. If technical issues arise, we may need to alter the test times and conditions. We will let all participants know if this occurs.


Feast your eyes on the Closed Beta Trailer.



Future Testing


We’re planning to run another test towards the end of April, and this one will also run for a week. The April build will most likely include additional content we’re already implementing and working on in the back end and any quick fixes we’ll be able to execute from player feedback collected during the March beta.

Expect a further follow-up test in May, but we’ll have more details to share a little bit later! 


This is just the beginning.


Important Questions


I didn’t get an invite to the test yet. Did I miss out?

Be sure to keep checking your email! Sometimes, our send-outs get sorted into spam folders depending on your service, so keep checking and be patient. You may not get selected for the first round of Closed Beta tests, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get chosen for later ones. Every test will be more exciting than the last, so patience will be rewarded. Keep in mind that the testing is limited, and you might need to wait for Early Access if you don’t hear from us.


Do I have to pay anything to participate in the closed beta tests?

No. Please be wary of any attempts anyone makes to get you to pay to play the closed beta. 


Can I join the following tests if I get invited to the first test?

We’ll be reevaluating the testing parameters of each test as they come, which may mean adjusting who gets access.


Can I stream my experience?

This test will be under a strict NDA, so there will be absolutely NO STREAMING, recording, or screenshots of any kind allowed during the Closed Beta. For this, you’ll have to wait for Early Access! When we get there, we will appreciate all the support we can get to spread the word about the game. 


Will progress be saved between tests?

Character/World progress on servers will not be carried over between tests or Early Access.


Will the complete game be accessible and tested in this first Closed Beta test?

You will be able to explore all regions, and we are testing all currently available features. However, this is not the Early Access version of the game, and there is more content and features in the works that we hope to include in the later tests. 


Why not have more tests?

Testing requires a lot of work and active time from the team, and we’d like to keep focused on development so we can get the game into the hands of as many players as possible as soon as we can. We’ll be able to do more optimization, refinement, and improvements to the game during the Early Access period to realize the full vision of V Rising.


Any update on the Early Access release date?

We can’t share this with the community just yet, but we’re not far off from being able to announce it. You may find it’s closer than you think! 


I have a question that wasn’t answered here; where can I ask it?

Contact us anywhere! We’ll be looking for more questions to answer across all of our social media platforms for another blog soon to satisfy all of your curiosity about this next step in our release. Discord, Twitter, and Facebook messaging are all excellent ways to get in touch with us directly, and we’ll also keep a close eye on the other platforms that you can find down below!



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