When we launched into Early Access back in May 2022, we made V Rising available for its current price with the understanding that we were delivering a game still in development. Players could hop on board at a better rate, creating a great deal for early adopters eager to dive into V Rising while also supporting its development.

After two years in Early Access, five years of development, and significant progress in the game, the price will now be increased to reflect its full value. We’re happy to be approaching the full 1.0 version of V Rising this May 8th, 2024 with another massive update to complete the Vampire Experience! That means we’ll be increasing the price of V Rising on Steam to 34.99 USD/EUR. The price on PlayStation 5 will be announced at a later date.

Right now is your last chance to get V Rising at its current price: 19.99 USD/EUR. It will be available for this price until April 5th, 2024, roughly one month before the full release date. If you or your friends have been waiting until the last moment to get their hands on V Rising, this is your heads-up to stop biding your time and enact your master plan! The pricing for DLCs will remain unchanged, and all existing DLCs will continue to be available on launch.

A toast to our nocturnal friends! THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us during our early access phase, granting us the opportunity to refine the game, work on new content, and finalize our vision.


More updates on the release as they come! Follow us on all our socials below to keep up on the latest news.

V Rising Early Access is available now on Steam!


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