The first week of Battlerekt is in the books across North America and Europe and with plenty of names known to the scene taking the top spots once again. In North America it was Onslaught with another flawless performance, while Intolerant took over the European region.

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对了,如果你还没看过新地图的介绍视频,欢迎点击这个链接来观看(youtube的,国内的小伙伴你们放弃吧) Read more »

0.12版本将会在5月2号周二发布,届时晚上北京时间9点服务器将进行持续大约4小时的维护。 (9:00 AM EDT / 6:00 AM PDT). 由于赛季三的到来,服务器维护时长可能长达4小时。


新地图 – 潜龙庭

随着0.12版本的发布,我们给大家带来了新的地图 – 潜龙庭。潜龙庭位于奎纳王国内,也就是流浪皇子瑾功的故乡。不仅如此,潜龙庭还是奎纳国王在王国内内欣赏精彩决斗的竞技场。这是一幅为3v3定制的地图,更大的地图,更多精彩的决斗! Read more »

Here at Stunlock Studios we are excited to kick off Season 3 together with Twitch for our next stop in the competitive scene, brought to you by NGE.

We’re happy to announce the return of BattleRekt with BattleRekt: The Proving Grounds, a weekly series lasting for 10 consecutive weeks that showcases the best of the best that Battlerite has to offer. Players can compete for their share of the $20,000 total prizepool starting from May 3rd.
You can sign up for any of these 10 weekly BattleRekt tournaments, TODAY! The tournaments  feature both North American and European regions in 3v3 single elimination format.

Join the Qualifiers

Each tournament is divided into two parts. Day one is the open bracket, where players fight it out until only eight teams remain. Day two will decide which of those eight teams will be taking home that number one spot.
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here!

Start time

BattleRekt: The Proving Grounds begins on May 3rd at 7.00 PM CEST for EU and 5:00 PM PST for NA.

Watch the live broadcast

If you’re not already following NGE at Twitch make sure to do so to stay up to date!
Day two will will be streamed live, exclusively on Twitch at each week.



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We uploaded a small hotfix earlier today to address a few issues:

  • Fixed a bug with inviting a player to the Brawl queue, where it would look to the invited player as if they had been invited to a different game mode
  • [Edit]Fixed a bug where the ready icon would flicker when everyone in a team had readied up
  • Fixed a bug that intensified several bloom effects in the game

We have also added official language support for Japanese