It’s that time of the year again, where the spooky things come out to play tricks on the unsuspecting in the Battlerite world!

While you’re tricking all your opponents in the Arena or on Talon Island, we’ve got nothing but treats for our community – though you’ll have to do a little leg work to get your hands on them. This year we’re having a Curse of the Night Art Contest, and with more stuff than ever to claim!

What are we looking for? Just about anything and everything that has to do with both Battlerite and Halloween. You can send in videos, fan art, screenshots, music, creepy-themed concept art, carved pumpkins, images of Halloween costumes, or baked apple pies and they’ll eligible to win so long as they are related to both Halloween and the world of Battlerite. You are allowed to submit up to five entries, but we highly suggest that creating one fantastic entry is the way to go.

You have until 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 4th, to send in your entry to with your Battlerite username.

If you want a chance to earn some extra goodies, share your creation on Twitter with your Battlerite username and include #CurseoftheNight. If you let us know where you’d like to get your gift (Battlerite or Battlerite Royale), you can receive a Creepy Chest in game! You can also share your work in our Official Discord and receive another Creepy Chest there! Earning chests in this way does not disqualify your entry from becoming a finalist in the competition.

Winners will be announced on Friday, November 9th. Submitted art should be created for this contest and submitted by the artist who created it.


Three Grand Prize finalists will be selected and receive:

  • One Battlerite Royale EA Key
  • A brand new Ruh Kaan T-Shirt
  • Croak or Toki Plushie
  • Bouncy the Llama Mount
  • Battlerite Pin
  • 3 Battlerite Champion Posters
  • In-game title of Art Warrior

Seven other finalists will receive:

  • One Battlerite Royale EA Key
  • Ruh Kaan Shirt
  • In-game title of Art Warrior

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