Battlerite Royale Patch 0.2.1 has just rolled out, and contains some adjustments to gameplay and Champions.

The Curse of the Night Event has NOT been removed with this patch, and will continue for a while more.

Gameplay Updates

  • Chest Respawn Event
    • Now happens about 45 seconds earlier than before on average
    • Number of chests respawned increased from 8 to 10 per area
  • Airdrop Event
    • Now happens about 60 seconds earlier than before on average

Champion Updates

During testing, melee Champions were highly oppressive due to their sticking power remaining about the same in an environment with a much shorter time-to-kill. This led us to greatly reduce the movement speed while attacking in order to clearly see the impact of the change and how it impacts the meta on a large scale when melee Champions didn’t automatically stick on their targets. It proved to work a bit too well, making ranged Champions a bit more favored to get good placements and win games. We’re restoring some of the movement speed to give melee champions a bigger edge in close combat.

  • Increased movement speed for Melee Champions while casting M1 from 60% to 70%

While adapting Champions for Royale, something we’ve been particularly focused on is ensuring the right balance of mobility and survivability versus damage. Given that Croak was always focused on mobility and survivability as some of his most important traits in Arena, he understandably lost a lot in that department when moved to Royale. The hit-and-run playstyle is important to Croak, but it’s also important that he’s able to hit hard when he does pick an engage now that he has to be so much more careful. Frog Leap will now instantly recharge Blade Flurry, allowing for a series of fast attacks immediately after landing his leap strike. Aggressive players capable of engaging with Frog Leap will be greatly rewarded for it, while not buffing the passive playstyle that we want to shy away from. These changes should help address both Croak’s early game issues and also the final duel to secure a win in Royale.

  • Frog Leap (Space)
    • Damage reduced from 18 to 16
    • Fully charges Blade Flurry on hit
  • Sludge Spit (R)
    • Energy gains increased from 0% to 8%
    • Legendary Bonus energy gain from bonus projectiles increased from 0% to 4%

  • Defensive Matrix (R)
    • Cooldown changed from 16s that scales with rarities to 14s at all rarities
    • Initial Shield value and Shield Blaster Shield value decreased from 10 to 8
    • Shield Blaster damage increased from 6 to 8
    • Shield Blaster energy gain reduced from 6% to 5%
    • Damage and Shield scales slightly better with rarity

We’re still experimenting with granny to find her place in Royale, the latest changes was a step in the right direction but we’re continuing to try out bigger changes. These changes aim to increase her offensive power and her ability to lock down targets. Replacing the slow Concussion Shot with the more quick and offensive Tazer, replacing her Zap with an improved version of Tractor Beam and upping the power of her Flamethrower.

  • Boomstick (M1)
    • Legendary Bonus no longer reloads Boomstick with 2 extra shots after Zap
    • New Legendary Bonus – Your next Boomstick after Jet Pack inflicts Oil
  • Jetpack (Space)
    • Increased travel speed by ~10%
    • Legendary Bonus no longer causes your next Boomstick to inflict Oil
    • New Legendary Bonus – Increases movement speed by 30% to 2s
  • Flame Thrower (Q)
    • Reduced cast time from 0.5s to 0.4s
    • Reduced duration from 2.25s to 1.5s (increasing damage per second)
    • Now grants 10% energy
  • Concussive Shot (E)
    • Removed
  • New Ability – Tazer (E)
    • Fire a shot that inflicts Spell Block for 0.5s. When Spell Block interrupts an ability, it inflicts a Stun for 1s
    • Legendary Bonus – Dispells enemies and allies in an area around impact
  • Zap (R)
    • Removed
  • Returning Ability – Tractor Beam (R)
    • Channel a beam that drags enemies towards your position while blocking projectiles and melee attacks in front of you
    • Legendary Bonus – Tractor Beam inflicts Stun for 1s to enemies caught in the beam when the effect ends
    • Channel duration reduced from 2s to 1.5s
    • Can now move while channeling at 33% reduced speed
    • Rotation speed while channeling slightly increased
Ruh Kaan

Ruh Kaan’s fearsome shadow looms over Talon Island, terrorizing its inhabitants. While he has certainly had a popular debut, there is nothing to indicate the Crypt Warden’s particular dominance in Royale. The range of his Claw of the Wicked is designed to catch unsuspecting foes, and his Legendary perk allows him to reach for even the most defensive ranged Champions. We think this is overall a good direction for Ruh Kaan’s playstyle and the Royale meta, so we’ve removed the self healing aspect of Claw of the Wicked instead. His healing is now entirely dependent on hitting with his charged Defiled Blade. On the topic of Shadowbolt, abilities with long cast time that require standing still need to be high impact to be worth doing at all in Royale. On a melee Champion like Ruh Kaan who also has limited mobility, this is extra relevant – rendering yourself immobile might be the difference between winning a fight or losing it, or having your prey escape from you. Overall, we wanted to err on the side of a spooky Shadowbolt than an unusable one. The damage has been reduced slightly so that followups from an ambush or incapacitate situation are less deadly but should remain a potent tool in his arsenal.

  • Shadowbolt (M2)
    • Damage reduced from 36 to 33
  • Claw of the Wicked (E)
    • Self-healing removed

  • Hand of Judgement (M2)
    • Legendary Bonus – fixed a bug where Hand of Judgement would deal damage to targets who were countering or using a directional shield
  • Wuju (Q)
    • Increased the air time when the counter is hit from 0.8s to 1s
  • Shatter (E)
    • Increased cooldown from 4s to 6s
    • Cooldown now scales slightly with rarity
    • Damage reduced from 12 to 10
    • Bonus damage when consuming Judgement debuff increased from 6 to 8
  • Corruption (Debuff)
    • Damage and healing output reduction reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Judgement (Debuff)
    • Damage amplification reduced from 15% to 10%

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