We all love Battlerite and our topmost priority has always been to expand and refine the experience. Battlerite was released in Early Access in September 2016, an impressive lifetime for a game these days and we have no plans to stop now.

Battlerite Royale

The community has always been and will always be important to us – Battlerite was created to give something back to the Bloodline Champions community while taking on the challenge to create the best top-down arena experience in the world.

Since last year, we’ve been working on new modes and trying to discover different ways of enjoying Battlerite’s signature combat system. In contrast to the intense and hyper competitive Arena gameplay, we wanted to create an experience that fully utilizes the thrilling Battlerite combat while challenging the player in new ways. When we prototyped Royale, it did not take long until we realized that it had a lot of potential. Later in development, it became obvious that sharing the same balance and philosophy as Arena restricted the possibilities within Royale.

For us, this was the choice between creating a mediocre game mode or creating a game with true potential and the freedom to grow. Now after tuning and rebalancing champion kits, adding tons of cool items and consumables, revamping battlerites, and supporting this new experience with interface changes, new achievements, matchmaking, and ranking systems, we are getting closer to our vision but we’re not there yet. We will need your input and support through the Beta and the Early Access period to make the best Royale experience possible.

We are working on having 20 champions available at the launch and more to be released during the Early Access period.

The development of Battlerite Royale has been a fresh injection of creativity and an opportunity for us to try out new and crazy things. As a game studio, we have a responsibility to our players, but we also have a responsibility to our team to allow ourselves to evolve and to explore new ideas. This way we grow stronger and we can craft new worlds and experiences in the ever-changing gaming landscape.

We are still confident that making Battlerite Royale a standalone game is the best decision to grow the world of Battlerite, but also aware of the things we could have done better leading up to this decision. A detailed FAQ with additional information is coming at the start of September. While waiting for more Royale news, let’s have a look at the pricing and what rewards are waiting for you as a dedicated Battlerite player.  

How much will Battlerite Royale cost?

Battlerite Royale will cost 19.99 USD/EUR and will be available on Steam Early Access by the end of September. Please note that the Steam pricing differs for different regions, as with all games.

I’m a Battlerite player and I own All Champions, what do I get from purchasing Royale EA?

If you purchased Battlerite during Early Access, the All Champions Pack or if you purchased The Ultimate Fan Pack BEFORE the launch of Battlerite Royale EA you will receive:

  • A 50% off time-limited coupon (valid for 10 days) on purchasing the Early Access version of Battlerite Royale.

  • A limited Legendary Ember Tiger Mount.

You will also be able to use any and all cosmetics you’ve unlocked in Battlerite Arena (for the Champions that have been released in Royale thus far)!

I’m a dedicated Battlerite player but I don’t own All Champions or the Ultimate Fan Pack, what do I get from purchasing Royale EA?

You will get access to all gameplay and become a founder of our new game. If you have an account level of 20 or more, you will receive the following exclusive item when purchasing Battlerite Royale Early Access:

  • A limited Epic Ricky The Rocket Mount.

Can I receive all bonuses?

Yes, if you are a Founder or own the All Champion’s Pack or The Ultimate Fan Pack and your account level is higher than 20, you will receive the 50% off coupon, the Legendary Ember Tiger Mount and Ricky the Rocket Mount. You need to own any of these packages and have reached account lvl 20 before the launch of Battlerite Royale Early Access.

How do I receive my 50% discount coupon?

You will find it in your inventory at Steam when the game releases.

What about all my cosmetics?

Every cosmetic that you’ve earned or will earn in Battlerite will be shared with your Battlerite Royale account. You can equip and showcase any item you’ve obtained in both titles such as:

  • Outfits
  • Weapons
  • Poses
  • Mounts
  • Avatars
  • Titles

Closing Words

Growing the Battlerite world means not only additional improvements to Arena, it also means growing the game on new markets and creating new titles within the world. It’s important to know that any success in the world of Battlerite is also a success for the Arena, and allows us to pull resources into all our projects. As always, your support and feedback is crucial for us as we continue to shape our games. Thanks a ton for playing Battlerite and see you in the Arena, or on a bigger battlefield in Battlerite Royale!

/The Stunlock Team

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