Hey everyone, Liz here for quick snippet.

Everyone is rather busy with the big day coming up and we’re all excited for the new players who will be joining us then.

Coming out of Early Access is going to bring changes, and one of those we’ve talked about internally is the future of the Dev Blog. As it stands, we will continue with a different form of the Dev Blog after launch, with the exact details still being worked out. We do know that this form will not be weekly but rather once or twice monthly with no set schedule.

That being said, Ilves has information on changes coming to Battlerite once we get to November 8th – updates to DLC, new bundles, changes to pricing and details on some shiny new cosmetics.

As the Early-Access period of Battlerite comes to an end and a new era begins with the official Free-to-Play launch, we want to go into detail about upcoming changes to packages, bundles, cosmetics and chests.

Bundles and DLC

All new players entering the Arena post Free-to-Play launch will be able to pick up a new bundle including all Champions and all future Champions called “Champion’s Pack.” As previously mentioned this bundle will be somewhat more expensive when compared to buying into Early Access but will still be of great value, especially considering all upcoming Champion releases.

The “Ultimate Fan Pack” will remain but will have its price increased and content updated. This package is primarily aimed at our biggest fans and supporters. At launch we will update the Goblin Throne and the Battle Wolf with some additional visuals and new animations. We’re also adding two color variations for each mount to allow for some additional customization. Everyone who owns this pack will get access to this new content at launch.

A new one-time purchase, the “Value Pack,” will be added containing 500 Gems, 3 Gold Chests, and a 7 Day Booster. Boosters increase your Account XP, Champion XP, and Battle Coin rewards from games by 100%.

Reaching Account Level 10 will grant everyone a 7 Day Booster that starts immediately once claimed. This reward will be available in the achievements tab for everyone that has already reached level 10.

Additional boosters will be purchasable with gems.

As the Battlerite soundtrack is finalized with new and updated tracks we will make it available as a separate DLC for all you music-lovers out there.

Finally, we will disable the “Legendary Loot Pack” on launch. It might return at a later stage or in a new form but at launch you won’t be able to pick up this pack that includes “Barky, the Delighted Doggo,” 3500 Gems, and 5x Legendary Outfit Chests.


Gems will not change much. There will be some small changes to conversion for specific currencies but pricing-wise they will remain very similar to their current state.

The pricing of individual Champions with gems will be slightly reduced:

Champion Type Current Price New Price
Low-Price 300 Gems 300 Gems (same)
Mid-Price 600 Gems 500 Gems
High-Price 750 Gems 700 Gems


A range of new items will be added to the standard chests. This along with two upcoming events, the Prehistoric Event coming in late November and the Winter Event in December, will add a wide array of new cosmetics.

The biggest change to cosmetics will be the introduction of “Legendary Prestige Items.” These are new color variations for Legendary outfits and weapons. They will not drop in chests but can instead be unlocked via Battle Coins. There are two requirements for unlocking a Legendary color variation:

  1. You need to own the “core” Legendary item
  2. You need to have reached level 10 on the relevant champion

The “core” item is the item in a set that drops from chests or purchased with Tokens. Once you fulfill these two requirements, color variations will then be purchasable with Battle Coins.

With this change we hope to increase the value of Legendary items, add more purpose to Battle Coins for players who owns all Champions, and add more ways to customize your Legendary loadouts!

Blossom Legendaries (core items on the left and two unlockable variations)
Sirius Legendaries (core items on the left and two unlockable variations)


Tokens have been added as a common and rare drops in chests, granting 75 or 500 tokens respectively. As more and more items are added to Battlerite the chances of receiving duplicates (and thus tokens) reduces. With this change we want to give more players the opportunity to get their hands on tokens.

That’s about it for this Dev Blog, folks. We’ve got a Dev Blog planned for Monday, so you’ll be hearing from us again soon. Apologies for this Dev Blog being late and we’ll see you in the Arena!


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