Hey everyone! Time for another Dev Blog Lite, written by your favorite Lizard Person. First, before anyone asks – vacation time is over. By the time this goes up most everyone will be back at the office and at work, with only a couple exceptions. What this means is that you’ll get your weekly Dev Blogs, we’ll be working on new content, and we’ll be working on new events. I really wish I could give you more about our plans, but I really can’t at the moment. We can only ask for your trust when we say that we’re bringing you more content. So thank you for your patience and for your passion – we appreciate both.

Moving forward, I was originally going to write about E3, but I decided that looking to the past when everyone wants to know the future wasn’t the best idea. And so I’ll tell you a bit about the present – about events going on in other regions and our lovely Regional Managers, who have helped keep me sane while everyone was away. They’ve been putting on some pretty fun stuff, and have been hard at work this entire vacation period and deserve a little recognition.

I do mention some tournaments and have some links below for more information about them – but keep in mind these are regional events and they’re run in languages other than English.

Tavrox is our French Regional Manager. He’s the newest member of the team; his favorite animals are pandas and according to him, half of France’s population is currently on holiday. Tavrox helps with BattleFrance Brawl, a weekly 2v2 tournament held every Friday at 9 PM CEST where you can win mounts and a fancy black color for your name on the BattleFrance Discord.

Besides his hobbies of “being French” and falling asleep at parties (apparently no one can wake him once that happens), Tavrox also hosts Podcast Battlerite France, a biweekly podcast hosted on the BattleFranceTV twitch channel. Their next broadcast is August 16th, at 9 PM CEST. This past week they talked about Law and Esports in France. If you know or are learning French and love Battlerite, you’ve found where they meet and can enjoy both at the same time! You can find Tavrox on twitter @Tavrox, and check out Battlerite France.

Boccato, also called “Crazy Boccato,” is the Regional Manager down in Brazil. Probably Definitely the most enthusiastic of the group, he’s always full of ideas and plans and thinking about the future. Having used to work for Battlefy, Boccato is focused on tournaments in his region. He also has over 2,000 hours in Battlerite so far and mains Freya, Bakko, Shifu, and Ruh Kaan. You can find him @Boccat0 on twitter – if you need advice on playing Freya, he’s your guy.

Boccato hosts multiple tournaments for the South America. These include the League, where the best 8 teams of South America compete against each other, King of the Arena, a king-of-the-hill open tournament, and The Academy, a tournament for newcomers and less experienced players divided into tiers. While the League is streamed on the Ultimate Arena twitch channel, the other events can be found at MetagameTV. And if you haven’t already, check out the Battlerite Brazil Facebook page.

Finally we have Pangolin, who’s our Russian Regional Manager. He’s one of those lucky people who has made a job out of their hobby and credits Star Wars: The Old Republic for how well he can speak English today.

A few weeks ago Pangolin put on the third interactive Stream Quest Adventure for the Russian-speaking community, in which Russian streamers cosplayed as Battlerite Champions, viewers tuned in to different streams and worked together to progress the story. It’s a complicated event with its own game mechanics and a lot of behind-the-scenes work accomplished by the regional team and streamers. He also helps organize 1-Hero Challenges, a 1v1 mirror match tournament. You can find him on Twitter @YaPangolin. 

I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of our Regional Managers for their hard work. The three of them are full of ideas and passion and have been a great help to myself these past few weeks, and I’m sure to Chris before I came. If you speak French, Portuguese, or Russian, I would give their events a shot and win yourself some cool in-game items!

Until next time, everyone!


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