Hey there, Champions!

Today we have Art Director Johan Aronson sharing some sweet looking concept artwork, giving us an update on lore, and revealing more information about the new map in our upcoming game mode, Battlerite Royale

Talon Island

Welcome to Talon Island! This map is 30 times larger than the standard arena mode map and is divided into several different areas, like the town of Anvilfall, the Glimmering Woods, the Starlight Oasis, and the Ancient Tomb.

When it comes to the art direction of the island, we decided to go for a varied, colorful, and inviting look that would encourage exploration. Let’s have a look at some concepts of locations we are currently working on…

This ancient tomb is one of many building structures players can enter.
First concept of the arid southern part of the island. In these wastelands, sandblasted remnants of ancient, forgotten civilizations can still be found among the dunes.
An abandoned fishing village by the coast.
Bridges connecting the separate parts of the island.
Throne and statues take inspiration from the gryphons which are native to the island.


We really wanted to create a feeling of adventure with diverse landscapes to explore as a contrast to the very battle-oriented gameplay. The island is located in the Great River Valley of Daharin, on the river that gives it its name. This valley is also the home of Ulric “The Unwavering Light” and the headquarters of his order, the Monastery of Resonance. More of the backstory of the island will be revealed down the road.

Talon Island is located here in the Battlerite world.

The lore has always been important to the team when creating new champions and creating the world of Battlerite and we are now working with talented lore writer Christopher Harrow to improve our universe building. There are many stories behind the champions we haven’t be able to communicate in the past, which we are looking forward to showcase in the future.

The art and audio team is putting a lot of work on the details to make the map feel as alive as possible and can’t wait to let you explore the island this summer!


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