The servers will be brought down for patching at 15:00 CEST (9:00 AM EDT / 6:00 AM PDT). The patching process is expected to last up to 2 hours.

Features & Content

New Game Mode – Bakko’s Egg Brawl

New temporary game mode added, which will be available until Tuesday April 18th. In it, two teams of three Bakkos face off with their fists, shields and lots and lots of eggs. A variety of eggs and custom Battlerites for the mode are available, but we will let you explore them on your own. Be sure to try out this fun, wacky and chaotic game mode while you can! Read more »

Why, hello there!

It’s Christian here again, thanks for stopping by! Like I said last week, the general idea of the dev blog in the future will be to give a brief recap of what happened, as the title put it, last week in development. Apparently this was misunderstood by some to mean it was “the last week of development”, while it was meant to be “this happened this last week, in development”. We’ll look into a clearer name for the future. However, this week we’ll take a closer look at an isolated topic; the upcoming temporary game mode, Bakko’s Egg Brawl. Read more »

Salutations !

Mon nom est Christian , vous m’avez peut-être déjà vu poster sur steam (Stunlock_Christian), Discord (cthriel) ou reddit (sls_chris) auparavant. Je travaille comme game designer chez Stunlock depuis Juin 2013, mais pendant la majeure partie de la période « early access » j’ai rempli le rôle de community manager. Bref, assez parlé de moi, passons au Devblog !!

L’avenir du Devblog

La première chose dont je souhaiterais parler est le fait que nous aller changer ce qui sera abordé au cours des Devblogs. Ce que je veux dire, c’est que les Devblogs standard serons des petites mises au point de ce qui se passe d’une semaine à l’autre dans les bureaux de Stunlock. Read more »

We are pleased to announce we have taken the first steps necessary to provide our playerbase with genuine Battlerite merchandise. Announcing The Champion Body Pillow! This has been the most requested product since we first teased an avatar of Lucie on a body pillow at Valentines!

You can see a preview of our upcoming store page below.

As can be seen above, we are starting with the most requested champions first (we know Pearl is in high demand!) but we are planning to extend our assortment of champions as soon as we can.

We hope you look forward to snuggling up to your favorite champion as much as we are!

/Stunlock Studios

Bonjour à vous champions de Battlerite !

Mon nom est Daniel “Prog” Fahlström et je suis l’un des programmeurs (Note d’éditeur: aka “Un des développeurs leaders”) travaillant chez Stunlock Studios. Je travaille ici depuis Janvier 2013. Certains d’entre vous se souviennent peut-être de moi comme un des membres actifs de la communauté de Bloodlines Champions à l’époque. Pendant le développement de Battlerite j’ai travaillé sur le développement du gameplay, l’interface utilisateur et aussi d’autres éléments….

Dans ce blog je vais vous parler du fonctionnement des déplacements des champions sur Battlerite (en essayant de ne pas être trop technique) et quels challenges nous ont forcé à adopter certaines solutions.

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Patch will arrive tomorrow, Thursday, March 23rd, at 15:00 CET (7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT). During the patching process the servers will be down, and the whole process will take up to 1 hour.

Champion Changes & Fixes

This patch is very all-encompassing. With every champion getting increased movement speed and tweaks to keep up with the new pace, as well as a few champions getting major changes both to their primary attacks and Battlerite trees, the complete effects of this patch are unknown even to us. We hope that you find as much joy as we do in exploring this new patch and figuring out the new meta! Read more »

Katey here!

What’s happening in Stunlock town?

Well as you know, there’s been a lot of fiddling and tweaking for Patch, which we’re all pretty excited about (but also, admittedly, a teeny bit anxious for). The game designers and co have been busy on the core gameplay changes, playing it with testers, getting feedback etc. The patch date was already announced last Friday and I can confirm it will go live this Thursday.

I took part in testing the new patch and it’s been quite an experience so far. Initially, the purpose of the patch was to create more interesting and dynamic play via movement speed changes and changes to M1 ranged abilities. The goal was to get more dodging and interesting plays in neutral situations, allowing for more outplays via skill.

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