Another week, another set of stories across Europe and North America. While the NA region continues to create rivalries within their stable Top 4 teams, Europe further marches ahead with their unpredictable nature at the top of the scene. In three weeks a total of seven different teams have reached the Top 4, illustrating how wide open that division is.

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Christian here, humbly presenting you with this week’s rendition of ‘What Happened Last Week?’. Once again we have a shorter post as we continue to work on things that will get a proper reveal later on. Apologies, but I promise the eventual reveals will be exciting! First, let’s talk about last week’s patch. Read more »

The second week of the Battlerekt: The Proving Grounds series had a lot of excitement in store for the viewers. Not only was top level Battlerite gameplay displayed again but the week had a lot of upsets, especially the European division, with the reigning champs and runner-ups being eliminated early and Enter the Arena veterans returned to the Top 4.

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Welcome to another weekly report!

As usual, it is me, Christian, who’s your host on this tour through what happened at Stunlock last week. However, a lot of work consisted of things we can’t really show yet, so this week’s rendition is a bit lighter than usual. Regardless, I’ll go into some more general issues to start with. Read more »

The first week of Battlerekt is in the books across North America and Europe and with plenty of names known to the scene taking the top spots once again. In North America it was Onslaught with another flawless performance, while Intolerant took over the European region.

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Greetings, Champion!

I’m Viktor, a rather new face here at Stunlock Studios (I started in January 2017). I do concept art and a bit of team management. I will be the one telling you all about our journey to make the new map: Dragon Garden.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched it already, check out this reveal trailer for more Dragon Garden eye candy:

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Le patch 0.12 sera installé le Mardi 2 Mai. Les serveurs seront coupés vers 15h00. Nous estimons le temps de coupure à 4h vu l’importance du patch amenant la saison 3.

Contenu et nouveautés

Nouvelle map – Le jardin du Dragon

Avec l’arrivée du patch 0.12, nous vous proposons notre dernière création : l’arène « Jardin du Dragon ». Située dans le royaume de Quna, la patrie de Raigon, le prince exilé, les combats s’y déroulant sont suivis de près par le roi dragon lui même. Cette arène a été conçue spécifiquement pour le format 3v3 car elle est plus grande que les autres et qu’elle possède plus d’espace au centre de la map pour manœuvrer. Read more »