It’s time for us to announce the winners of our Horror Poster Art Contest! Over the course of these past weeks, we’ve received a lot of really great entries, and we’re eager to share our favorites with you today! The jury consists of Jeremy Bearson (Community Manager), Johan Ilves (Marketing Director), and Ruth Dominguez (Discord Queen & Business Controller), with support from Johan Wahlbäck (Art Director) and Johan Aronson (Senior Concept Artist) to pick the grand winners and runner ups. We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted an entry. It wasn’t easy to narrow down our top picks!


The Stunlock Jury’s Motivation: Each of our seven finalists displays a level of skill, creativity, and artistic merit that we felt really fit the vampiric and horror themes of the contest and shows a wide variety of approaches and artistic styles that we felt deserve recognition. Each of the names of our contestants is listed under their entries, and clicking on them will link to the artist’s relevant socials. Descend on them like a swarm of bats and give them all the love in the world for their awesome work, they deserve it. Here are our finalists:



Florian Lecocq



Laggy Ditch



Lutvi Kurniawan



Heinrich Albert



Nora Mattsson



Roman Snizhko



Laura Vazquez





It can be difficult to distinguish between such talented artists that approach their work with such different styles and perspectives. We felt these two entries were a step above. These are our Runner-Ups:



Poppy Stary


The Stunlock Jury’s Motivation: Delivering on a style inspired by the action-horror comics of the 90’s and early 2000’s is this entry, which uses a variety of interesting shading techniques and colors in a striking way, launching it to the top of our list for potential winners. Of all entries, this one had one of the more exciting color palettes, one that we believe was masterfully handled!



John Mid


The Stunlock Jury’s Motivation: John’s poster rides a delicate balance between classic retro horror and Hellsing Ultimate as well as it rides the line between beautiful swaths of simplicity against the deep shadows and striking confident lines of complexity. The image’s composition is one of deliberate, skillful contrast, and we’re honored to have it among our top contenders!



The Grand Winner


It’s time for the grand winner of our V Rising Horror Poster Art Contest!


The Stunlock Jury’s Motivation: This contestant brought their A-Game to this competition. This entry is outstanding artistically but what pushed it to the top of our list was that we felt it truly captured the spirit of the retro horror poster competition and the world of V Rising. It delivered on it in a way that felt both cinematic and perfectly executed.


Without further ado…



Anne Isaksson


With imaginative composition, an interesting palette, and all the hard work that obviously went into rendering and polishing this piece, we’re both proud and humbled to announce this entry as the winner of our first art competition!

Not only that, but Anna also sent us multiple other entries that were runner-up worthy on their own merit.



Not someone you’d want to meet in a dark alleyway.



Here’s a quick reminder of what our Finalists, Runner-ups, and Grand Winner are going to be receiving!


The Grand Winner will receive:
  • V Rising T-Shirt
  • V Rising Hoodie
  • V Rising Cup
  • Framed Winner Poster
  • V Rising Early Access – Steam Game Key
  • A bundle of HyperX Haste mouse + Fury Ultra mousepad
Two Runners Up finalists will be selected and receive:
  • V Rising T-Shirt
  • V Rising Cup
  • V Rising Early Access – Steam Game Key
  • A bundle of HyperX Haste mouse + Fury Ultra mousepad
Seven other finalists will receive:
  • V Rising Cup
  • V Rising Early Access – Steam Game Key



Thank You All!


We’d like to offer one more round of appreciation for all of our participants, whether we were able to mention you or not! Every entry, even the memes (of which there were a few really good ones), reached out and touched our cold, undead hearts for the effort and time put into them. If this experience is any indication of what we can expect out of our community, the future of V Rising is as bright as the cold moonlight, and we’re looking forward to it.


We want to thank HP OMEN for sponsoring this contest. Check them out here!


Below are all of our socials, so be sure to follow us everywhere to keep up with V Rising news! There will be a lot in these next few weeks leading up to our early access release on May 17th, so there has never been a better time to crack open your coffin and start paying attention! We’ll also be posting all of our finalists, runner-ups, and grand winner over the coming weeks to remind you of how unbelievably cool they are.


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Lots of love and a pint of blood,

/The Marketing Team




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