On Wednesday Patch 1.3.0 was set live. Today Hotfix 1.3.1 will be rolled out and the following changes made:

General Updates

  • Due to technical issues, the feature to change the capitalization on your username has been disabled

Champion Updates

  • Snow Cone (EX E)
    • Effect updated to fade away properly at the end of the duration
  • Arctic Cloak
    • Fixed a bug where the shield given to allies would gain extra shield health if Alysia was the first to receive a shield, or already have one active.
  • Shield Dash (E)
    • Wall impact effect changed
  • Dragon Slayer (F)
    • Changed so Dragon Slayer will now release targets that are unhittable (meaning that casting Otherside on a player caught by the Dragon Slayer arrow will now result in them no longer being pulled along with it)
  • Chaos
    • Fixed a bug where the AoE damage Chaos deals would always include the Deadly Brew bonus damage, regardless of if Deadly Brew had been picked
  • Cyclone
    • Fixed a bug where picking Cyclone would result in Zephyr (EX Q) not applying knockback correctly.
  • Trick Shot (M1)
    • Fixed an issue when the Stacked Deck battlerite was selected that could cause cards to sometimes heal the wrong target, not yield Zander energy, deal less damage to a Guardian in Battlegrounds, or yield score to the wrong target
    • Fixed an issue where Trick Shot could play double miss effects
    • Fixed an issue where Trick Shot would not work correctly when fired back by Oldur through Time Bender (Q)
  • Portal (Q)
    • Fixed an issue where players who dashed into the Portal would sometimes calculate player collision incorrectly, resulting in hitting the enemy team in strange ways
    • Fixed an issue where a player dragged into an enemy portal by Bakko would continue to be controlled by Bakko, even while Bakko was being teleported

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