Hotfix addresses some of the bugs that came with the large Patch 1.4.0. This hotfix will be rolled out today, March 8th. Please verify the integrity of your game files to assure this update has reached you.

We are aware of issues affecting some teams not receiving a free team name change and some players receiving incorrect Pre-Season Rewards. This hotfix does not directly fix these issues, but be assured that we are working on them.

For all users who have not logged in since the Season 1 start, Pre-Season rewards should now be correct. For users who have already received incorrect rewards, we are continuing to work on a fix.

General Updates


  • Fixed an issue where the percentage on most played Champions in the Leaderboards would exceed 100%
  • Fixed an issue where long account or team names in the Leaderboards overflowed
  • Should now show “Loading” when a Team Name is not yet fetched in the Leaderboards


  • Dance of the Dryads (F)
    • Fixed so the projectiles will no longer ignore Ice Crown
  • System Shock
    • Fixed so the bonus silence duration works correctly when applied through the Mega Sphere
  • Shadow Dance (Q)
    • Fixed so holding down M1 when invisible will attempt to cast M1 immediately after cancel cast
  • Hook Shot (E)
    • You are now immune to knockback while traveling
  • Quick Strike
    • Reduced the recast delay from 0.3s to 0.1s
  • Renew
    • Fixed an issue were Renew could cause Rejuvenate to deal negative healing
  • Sandstorm
    • Now EX compatible
  • Fixed an issue that made Pestilus unable to use recasts while infesting (Hive Mind, Brain Bug)

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