Patch 1.4.1 was rolled out on March 14, 2018. Patching begins at 9:00 CET and downtime is scheduled for 2 hours.

General Updates

New Feature: Twitch Live Stream Indicator

Players now have the option to display that they are live streaming Battlerite on in the menu UI. This indicator is currently supported in the solo Leaderboards, Profile, and Friends List. The indicator also provides a direct link to the live channel in the users preferred browser.

  • To use this feature, you must have linked your Twitch account in Options > Account
  • The Twitch Live Stream Indicator is turned on by default. It can be disabled in Options > General > Misc (this option is only shown if you have already linked your Twitch account)
  • The indicator will only apply when you are Live on the Twitch account you have linked your Battlerite account with and tagged Battlerite as the game you are playing
  • It can take between 5-15 minutes for the menu to update from when a player started live streaming
Free Team Name Change

Due to a bug some teams did not receive their free team name change after Patch 1.4 was released. All teams who should have received a free team name change should have now received one. One free team name change will be given to all teams who complete placement each Season. More information about team name changes can be read in the 1.4 Patch Notes.

New Unity Version

A new Unity version of Battlerite is available for players interested in testing. Please note that this version is still in its beginning phase of implementation.

While initially this version was available to all players, it has now been restricted with a password. If you are interested in trying out this version, please submit a ticket to with the title “Request for New Unity Version Access” and under the category of “Other.”

This version of Battlerite is meant to assist players who are struggling with game crashes in DirectX 11. We will try to keep this branch up to date with the live version, but there is a possibility it will lag behind a day or two in updates.

Matchmaking Adjustments

Some players may have noticed an increase in the amount of double support compositions in both Casual and League matchmaking. Before Patch 1.4, teams would be restricted to single support compositions.

With Patch 1.4 we removed this composition restriction. This was an adjustment to improve queue times and allow matches to be balance better by player skill and less according to Champions or archetypes.

According to our collected data, double support compositions have the same win ratio as single support compositions. However due to the feedback received by this change we’ve decided to tone down the amount of double support compositions. Players will now be restricted to single support compositions unless a player they are matched with has been in the queue for longer than 5 minutes.

We will continue to monitor data and listen to feedback so that we can better adjust this system as necessary.

  • Removed Lunar Event related assets
  • Account level up rewards are back to the default silver chests
  • HUD is enabled by default in the Odeum editor
  • Fixed a bug where you would be unable to click publish after recently cancelling a publish in the Odeum
  • Fixed a bug where equipping default items would work incorrectly in the pre-game lobby
  • Fixed a bug where pre-game lobby music was not affected by the music slider in options
  • The in-game chat has been moved more to the left
  • Chat messages will now fade out after a duration from since when the chat was last unfocused, instead of when the message was received
  • Chat messages will now no longer fade out in pre-match/game lobby
  • Division numbers are no longer shown in the profile history for previous Seasons
  • Fixed a bug where players that hadn’t purchased the All Champions Pack were unable to select Jade unless pre-selected in the pre-match lobby
  • Fixed a bug that showed an incorrect tooltip on the purchase options for Champions other than just Jamila. Only purchasing Jamila with gems gives the additional bonus 3 x Jamila chests
Ancient Chest Return

Ancient Chests are now purchasable in game for a limited time. These guarantee at least one non-duplicated Epic or Legendary Prehistoric Item. They can be purchased as follows:

  • 1 Ancient Chest for 250 Gems
  • 5 Ancient Chests + 1 Bonus Ancient Chest for 1250 Gems
  • 15 Ancient Chests + 5 Bonus Ancient Chests for 3750 Gems

Champion Updates


  • Shadow Dance (Q)
    • Improved readability when triggering Counter
    • Removed Cooldown and Global Cooldown on Shadow Slice (M1 while stealthed)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the return projectile of Blood Kunai and Shruiken with the Taste of Blood rite to sometimes not spawn
  • Fixed a bug causing the hook shot to break if you are hit by a knockback before the hook shot projectile hit a target

  • Grand Conjuration (M2)
    • Amplify factor on Arcane Catalyst reduced from 13% to 10%
  • Spotlight (EX M2)
    • Enemy version of Spotlight now uses a corrected effect
  • Arcane Conductor
    • Bonus factor reduced from 7% to 5% (a total of 15% when the rite is selected)

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