On May 17th delve into Gloomrot, a land twisted by the tortured ambitions of a scientific genius and his legion of followers. Obsessed with the pursuit of evolution and progress above all other things, these exiles from the holy lands harness the terrible electrical storms of their highlands to produce brilliant machinery, dumping off the byproducts into their winding valleys until they’re warped by pollution.



Get a taste of what awaits you in V Rising’s first major update with our cinematic reveal!




In this free expansion:
  • A whole new biome with brand new dangers, technology, and magic.
  • Massive changes, additions, and reworks to the current biomes.
  • An overhaul to building, adding multiple floors and a wider variety of customization.
  • New types of equipment to enhance and tailor your gameplay experience including jewels that add effects to your spells, new weapon types, unique legendary weapons, and the electricity-based spell school: storm.
  • More V Blood Bosses, a new V Blood tracking system, and more enemy variety.
  • Updates to travel, inventory, vampire customization, sounds and voice, and more.


Curious to know more?


V Rising Early Access is available now on Steam!

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